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Lexus CT
P 2,348,000 – 3,068,000

Sharp & Sporty - the Lexus CT has an edgy stylish exterior, good running costs and a smart CVT transmission.

Lexus GS
P 4,798,000 – 7,528,000

Stylish & Responsive - the Lexus GS combines an aggressive look with sharp handling and fantastic road manners.

Lexus GX
P 5,428,000

Commanding & Powerful - the Lexus GX is a luxury SUV which offers great pulling power and good all-round visibility.

Lexus IS
P 2,788,000 – 3,328,000

Bold & Refined - the new Lexus IS is an aggressively styled luxury sedan which comes equipped with a well-fitted interior.

Lexus LS
P 9,078,000 – 10,938,000

Elegant & Refined - the Lexus LS is a large luxury sedan which comes equipped with a high-quality interior cabin.

Lexus LX
P 8,398,000

Smooth & Practical - the Lexus LX is an SUV which boasts a composed ride, strong brakes and heaps of luxury features.

Lexus RC
P 3,898,000 – 5,968,000

Strong and visible - The Lexus RC F-Sport is one astonishing performance coupé that competes against German rivals in true Japanese fashion.