5 Driving Mistakes You're Probably Guilty Of

Road mishaps do happen. Unfortunately, most of them are avoidable. So before you hit the road today, ask yourself - are you guilty of these common driving mistakes that can endanger your life and others?

Changing lanes without any signals 

It’s easy to use your car's signal lights so why not use them? All you need to do is locate the turn signal lever, push it up or down (depending where you are heading) and viola! you are now using the turn signals. But do make sure to signal a few seconds before you switch lanes. You don't want to cut off the driver behind you.

Speeding up to get through yellow lights 

Green means go, red means stop and yellow doesn't mean faster, what it actually means is to exercise caution and slow down.

Blocking the pedestrian lane 

You know those white stripes on the ground? They’re actually for pedestrians and not for cars. 


Some drivers are just not in the mood to line-up properly so they'll just overtake. If you are one of them, it's time to realize that you’re endangering not only yourself but also your passengers and the innocent law abiding motorist on the other lane.

Using high beam all the time

Sure it is understandable that Metro Manila's roads are not well-lit but it doesn't you mean you could use your new car's high beam all the time. Do understand that when you put your headlight on high beam or your “oh so powerful” LED lights, you’re blinding other drivers?

Don’t be a fool. Be considerate to others and drive defensively.

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