Mitsubishi Strada Front Quarter Exterior

The Mitsubishi Strada is a little anemic when it comes to metrics that pertain to its bed. While most of its competitors can boast payload ratings in the region of 4-digits, the Strada has only 945 kg at its disposal. It doesn’t seem like a big number, but let’s make a case for this pickup with regards to driving and handling. 

Mitsubishi Strada Rear Quarter exterior

The curb weight of the Strada comes in at 1,925 kg, which undercuts other pickups of its size. It may be only a few kilograms, but the truck feels lighter. This could be attributed to the way the chassis’ weight is distributed. Since the payload rating isn’t as high, the body doesn’t need to be built up in the rear to accommodate a larger payload, which means that the chassis is more biased to the front, resulting in a lighter-feeling truck. 

Mitsubishi Strada Exterior Front Quarter

The turning radius of the Strada is one of the notable factors that move many to buy this particular pickup. With a turning circle of 11.8 meters, the truck can take tighter turns than many of its rivals. This makes piloting a rig like the Strada a breeze, as it can squeeze in and out parking spaces easier than a number of its competitors. It doesn’t feel as long nor does it feel as wide as its competitors, too.

Mitsubishi Strada Interior Paddle Shifters

Now, it is quite questionable to have paddle shifters in a pickup or SUV. Mitsubishi has a habit of keeping its remarkable magnesium alloy paddles in the Montero Sport, Strada, and discontinued Lancer Evolution – yes the paddles on your SUV/pickup can be found on the extinct Evo. 

While it’s not the most appropriate vehicle to use paddle shifters on, the option is there if you need it. The feel of the column-mounted pair is much better-feeling than the plastic wheel-mounted sets that other brands seem to favor. You can keep both hands on the wheel while being able to select gears sequentially – especially useful on a mountain road with inclines, declines, and turns. 

Mitsubishi Strada Interior GT Leather Seats

High praise is in order for the Strada’s comfortable seats. The GT variant allows you to electronically control the height, tilt, distance, and recline to help you get the best possible driving position. The side-bolsters are also quite substantial and hold you in place whether on or off the road. Taking a turn at speed is no issue since the seats have a good mix of firmness and softness. Long drives were not a problem either, because there is built-in lumbar support in the backrest that supports your body over long distances or long hours in traffic. 

Mitsubishi Strada 2.4L Diesel Engine

With an engine that is 2.4L in displacement, the Strada delivers torque as early as 2500 rpm. All 430 Nm rushes at you immediately, with the 6-speed transmission responding in tow. The accelerator is also quite responsive, which allows for a livelier drive; downshifts and upshifts aren’t lightning-quick, however. 

Handling traffic in the Strada is also made easy because of this. Stabbing the accelerator will yield quick bursts of power, with no waiting time needed. This paired with the turning radius makes for a truck that is more flexible in its movements. 

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