5 tips on how to survive the Undas season

All Saints day, or locally known as Undas, is right around the corner. You and other people will be planning their trips out of town or to the cemeteries in order to pay their respects. Some may even be planning their own holiday trips to coincide with the special holiday with side trips to other destinations aside from cemeteries. With people making their way home to their respective provinces you can expect to encounter traffic and other situations where you might be stuck in one location for hours. With that said, here are a few tips to help you and your car survive the Undas season.


For the days leading up to the Undas season, consider beating the crowds by a day or two. Paying your respects doesn’t have to be done on All Saints or All Soul’s Day itself and you can do it ahead of time with fewer people for a more private setting. Doing this also means that you won’t encounter problems with parking at the cemetery or encounter much traffic either. You also won’t get caught up in the weekend/holiday rush which could potentially land you in hours of traffic.


Speaking of traffic, expect there to be a lot of it. During this time there will typically be a mass exodus of people leaving Metro Manila and heading to their respective provinces. So, expect to encounter traffic on all major roads and highways leading out of the National Captial Region. You can avoid traffic by leaving ahead of the holiday rush or timing your departure earlier in the morning when there is little to no traffic present. Sure, you may get to your destination earlier than you might like, but at least you are there. The same can also be said if you are planning your return back to the city. You can either leave earlier than the rest or try and stay behind for a day or two to meet more favorable traffic conditions.

crowd of people

Crowds bring opportunities for transmissible diseases to run about so bring protection. That being said, masks can also help you breathe clean and free from airborne pollutants like smoke. If possible avoid crowds but expect there to be a lot of people in popular areas and gas stations. While dining indoors at a restaurant may be a tempting option, also consider eating in their outdoor dining section, it may not be as cool but you will be safer.

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Road trips can take their toll on your car and its engine. After all, you will be going at high speeds with a sustained load on your vehicle. Conversely, if you do end up in traffic, the heat can take its toll on your moving parts and oil. This is why it's important to check on the roadworthiness of your vehicle before you decide to go out for a holiday. Remember BLOWBAGETS, and check your Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Brake Air, Gas, Engine, Gas, Engine, Tire, and Self. If all these are in top condition then you shouldn’t have to worry about anything on your possible trip out of town.


Another way to make sure that your trip goes smoothly is to ensure that your respective RFID accounts are topped up with the appropriate amount needed for your trip going out and coming back into the city. The major expressways now have more RFID lanes than cash lanes, so, if you want to get to your destination quickly consider getting an RFID to avoid long queue times in the cash lane. Yes, there will still be a few bugs here in there at toll booths, but this is why it's important to also bring the cards associated with these RFID accounts with you on your trip and easily within reaching distance.

Remember to always stay safe, keep a level head, and take breaks as often as needed on your holiday road trip.

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