Hyundai Staria

When picking a family van, you want something that ticks all the boxes – space, comfort, and cool features. That's exactly what you get with the Hyundai Staria! It offers a (very!) futuristic look and loads of room for the whole family. Regardless of whether you're taking the family to the city malls or long road trips, the Staria can surely make every trip much more enjoyable not only for the passengers but also for the drivers. Here are five reasons why the Hyundai Staria should be your next family van.

At first glance, the Hyundai Staria captures attention with its cool futuristic look. It's just not possible not to turn your head and take a double or even triple look at it! You may think of it as reminiscent of the 90s' Oldsmobile but with a modern, computer geek touch (as it looks very techy), giving you that coolness and innovation. With its bold front grille and stylish headlamps that impress,  the Staria presents visibility and an engaging road presence as well. The interior includes configurations ranging from two to eleven seats, and the layout looks inspired by cruise ships, offering a spacious and comfortable environment for passengers. 

Captains Chairs

Designed with families in mind, the Staria offers ample space for up to eight passengers. The cabin layout is highly adaptable, with seats that can be rearranged for different purposes, whether it's accommodating more passengers or increasing cargo space. The captain's chairs in the second row sweeten the comfort, and the vehicle's overall storage capacity is a strong selling point, surpassing many competitors in its class. The spaciousness makes the Staria ideal for family trips, shopping hauls, and daily commuting; take your pick!


Stepping into the Hyundai Staria, you'll feel like you're entering a scene from a cyberpunk movie. We told you, it has a computer geek touch! The infotainment system includes a large touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility, keeping passengers connected and entertained. The GLS+ and Premium variants feature a 10.25 TFT LCD, improving the visual experience. Advanced driver-assistance systems, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking, also add to a safer driving experience for the entire family.

Hyundai Staria ambient lighting

Every part of the Staria looks like it was made with your comfort in mind. The inside feels roomy and relaxing. There's also plenty of storage for snacks and drinks, plus USB ports so everyone can keep their devices charged up. The ventilation system includes cup holders, and front and rear air-conditioning assures all passengers enjoy a comfortable atmosphere throughout the ride.

Hyundai Staria gauge cluster

No matter how short or how long the family outing is, safety should always come first. When it comes to keeping your family safe, Staria's got your back, as it is a top priority in the car. It comes with multiple airbags, stability control, and technology to lessen pedestrian injuries. The vehicle's design includes a sturdy structure to handle impacts. Advanced safety features like blind-spot monitoring add to the overall safety, making the Staria a safe family vehicle you can depend on.

Hyundai Staria

The Hyundai Staria is available in different versions depending on your needs. The Hyundai Staria 2.2 CRDi Cargo 6MT is priced at ₱1,560,000 and is a good option for those needing a vehicle for work, with its manual transmission and diesel engine. For more seats, the Hyundai Staria 2.2 CRDi Commuter 6MT costs ₱1,850,000, which  also has a manual transmission and diesel engine. If you prefer an automatic transmission, the Hyundai Staria 2.2 CRDi GLS+ 8AT is available for ₱2,320,000. For a top-of-the-line model with more features and space, there are two options: the Hyundai Staria 2.2 CRDi Premium+ 8AT AWD 9-Seater for ₱2,830,000 and the 7-Seater version for ₱3,030,000. Both have automatic transmissions.

If you're interested in exploring these options further or need more information, don't hesitate to get a quote and learn more about the Hyundai Staria's capabilities and features.

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