Forget everything inside your car except these

Whether you like it or not, you can't argue that you tend to forget things sometimes. Come on, out of all the stress at work, being stuck on traffic, and other thoughts, your brain copes up by picking out less important things to function in its normal state. This result to you missing certain tasks. 

We're all guilty of involuntarily neglecting things. Yeah, it happens and most of the times, disaster strikes when it does. So, don't be surprised after seeing a mess in your cabin after leaving a can of soda in there the whole afternoon. Bummer, right? Why not help yourself avoid such inconvenience by taking note of the things you shouldn't leave inside your car – especially now that it's summer.

Bottled water – it's among the things that are easy to get on the road. All convenience and sari-sari stores have it. But, did you know that what quenches your thirst during your long drive could be a potential threat to your health?

Leave your bottled water in the car for too long under the sun, and a chemical reaction happens involving the plastic bottle itself and the high temperature inside your cabin. When exposed to heat, the polyethylene terephthalate—which is also used in clothing fibers, by the way—from the plastic bottle transfers to the water, making the water harmful to be drunk. What are you waiting for, warn your loved ones.

Speaking of plastic, observe taking stuff with plastic material/wrap off of your dashboard. Metal frames could get too hot to be touched, while plastic ones has the potential to melt on top of your dashboard – leaving you with a ruined dashboard. Examples of things that are commonly found on dashboards are plastic parking cards, glasses and shades, and pens.

Guys, tell your girlfriends to secure their cosmetics inside their purses or bags and not to leave them inside your or her car. This is again due to the heat that is attracted and trapped inside your car by the glass windows. Under the sun, your cabin turns into a scorching large oven that could reach up to almost twice the temperature outside. A 176-degree Fahrenheit afternoon could make a 302-degree Fahrenheit, or higher, cabin. Ouch! 

Let's go directly on point here; you don't want her to go on a rage after finding out that her lipstick had melted, right? Or cry and beg you to buy her a new one after blaming you for not telling her beforehand. We mean, we all could just avoid the 'real' disaster here, gents, couldn't we? 

Know someone who keeps a stash of ibuprofen tablets in his car? Warn that person for the hazards of taking those meds after getting heated up in the parking lot. Ask him/her to get a pouch bag instead and keep it hand-carried; never leave it inside the car.

Why? Chemical reaction caused by the high temperature trapped inside your car's cabin could alter the effects of a pill. We're not going to get too scientific out here, as there are different types of pills out there that could show different chemical reactions under certain temperature. But if a bottled water stuck in a car under the sun is dangerous, what more a medication that's made up of various chemicals?

Like medicines, sunscreen and sunblocks are made up of chemical compositions and formulation that can easily be affected by the high temperature trapped in your cabin. Aside from the sunscreen itself, the bottle, be it plastic or metal, could either melt or blow up due to pressure caused by the heat. Let's try not to ruin our own beach trip, shall we?

Okay, some people tend to do this. But, there's no reason for you to leave your laptop bag, cellphone, or tablet in your car as the temperature could toast wirings and soldering on the electronic chips inside it. It's like burning a stash of P30,000 to P70,000 cash with a huge magnifying glass.

Trust us, we've experienced this, a laptop left inside a car under the sun turned into an ugly laptop. The frame that keeps the keyboard in place (on some laptops) melted and was bent upward, and overtime, keys began to detach from the keyboard. Keep it a little more stuck there, and you’ll find a bricked laptop. Be responsible with your gadget, and take it with you as soon as you get out of the car.

This item on the list is the most dangerous and destructive thing to leave in your car. Although it often does not result to burning your whole car, it has the tendency to ruin your car's upholstery when it bursts out due to the heat. Instances may involve cracks on your car windows that are products of the blast. 

To avoid any further inconveniences, keep your lighters out of the cabin every time you're parking your car. Same goes to rubbing alcohol, as well as batteries you're used to storing inside your car. It's better to be cautious than to gamble for safety.

While we'd love to believe that no one would leave their pets inside the car on purpose, we still would like to remind everyone to, please, don't leave the furry ones inside a parked car. Like your children, pets have life too and their skin reacts to heat the same way human skin does. Please, have a heart and never leave your pets inside a parked car; it's murder.

Uhm... Nope. Just don't, okay? 

The temperature is not the only issue to watch out, as leaving your belongings inside your car unattended may lure robbers and attract bad situations. It would be best to secure your valuable items before leaving your car at the parking lot, even if you're expecting a short trip to the comfort room at the gasoline station. Safe travels, everyone! 

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