Windshield washer tank

Windshield washer fluid, the water-like substance that comes out when you turn on your wipers. It not only helps keep your windshield clean but also helps by lubricating the wipers so that grime and dirt get swept away but don’t scratch the glass in the process. While we all know that the windshield washer fluid will run out eventually, refilling it with just water simply won’t do as it could, in the long run, damage parts you didn’t think could be damaged. With that said, we created a short guide to help you understand what you will need to do to properly refill your windshield washer fluid reservoir, and what you will need to refill it with.

windshield washer fluid tank

The act of refilling your windshield washer fluid is actually a simpler process than others might think. It all begins by opening your hood and looking around for the reservoir in the engine bay. Depending on the manufacture, the symbol and color of the cover for the reservoir will vary. However, there are specific signs to look out for. More often than not, the windshield washer fluid container will be marked by a light blue or black cap, it will have a windshield symbol with water being sprayed debossed on top of it.

To refill the reservoir, simply flip the cap open and pour the washer fluid in slowly until it reaches the top. To close it, flip the cap back and push it down until you feel it locked into place. Next is to just close your car’s hood and you’re done. You can check to see if the washer fluid is flowing by turning on your wipers and by using the washer fluid function on your vehicle. 

In the event that you press the washer fluid function but the motor doesn’t work, then we advise that you bring your vehicle to a mechanic and have the motor replaced. If no water comes out and you hear the pump working then it means that there is a block up somewhere in the system, or with the wiper nozzles itself. If you think it is the wiper nozzles, you can choose to clean them yourself with a needle or any other thin metal object to remove the gunk or grime stuck in the nozzle.

washer fluid tank

It is highly recommended that you refill your washer fluid reservoir with washer fluid, nothing else. Using any other fluid such as tap water could damage the washer pump in the long run. Washer fluid is not only meant to keep your windshield clean but is also there to keep the pump lubricated. If the pump isn’t properly lubricated, it could dry out and cause the internal components to cease up over time. This could cost you a considerable amount to repair later on. The wash fluid also has additives that prevent dirt and grime from getting into the washer piping and nozzles. So even if it is a bit more expensive than normal water, investing in washer fluid will ensure that when you need your windshield clean, your wipers and washer nozzle will be ready and up to the task. 

At this point, you might be asking, Where can I buy windshield washer fluid? The fluid should be available at your car dealership, at major auto supply stores, or via online stores. These will be priced between P150 to P500 or more depending on the brand and size. To find out how much windshield wiper fluid you will need, consult with your owner’s manual, as it will include information on how much your reservoir can carry. It’s okay to buy more than you need, as you can always use the spare at a later date to keep the reservoir topped off. 

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