Long drive expectation versus reality

Long drives are among many ways we can escape reality and stress. Whether heading to Baguio, Nasugbu, or any other destination from north to south, out of town trips are the best means to stay away from the school's/work's toxicity. However, no matter how 'long drives' (whether with friends or relatives) sounds blissful, like all things, reality will still hit you and it's far worse than your euphoric expectations. Snap out of it; that's life – it's not always good, especially when you're the driver. 

Of note, with the help of our writers, we identified a number of real-life accounts for trips that had gone "not the way as expected." *facepalms*

1. When the fun never ends.

Go for a long trip with friends, they said. It will be fun, they said...

2. No crumby food allowed. 

"No eating until a stopover." 3 minutes later...

3. Shotgun passenger's the DJ.

This is where everyone becomes a full-pledged DJ. Break and roll; rock it down.

4. When 'walang aamin?!' directly translates to 'who the heck farted?!'

Courtesy, please?

5. This is my jam!

This is not The Voice; judges turn the other way.

6. When the fun never ends Vol. 2

Really? When will you guys ever learn?

7. There can only be one navigator or else...

Guys? Uhh, I think we're just circling around.

Now, why don't we take our time to commend our friends who are always behind the wheel. That's because they account to the statement "not all heroes wear capes" for staying responsible in taking us safe to our destinations. 

Just a reminder though, long drives are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, driver and passengers. So for your next trip, take turns in sleeping and don't break designated roles. Have a great trip ahead!

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