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Even with all the latest safety features that the brand new cars boast today, you never know when your car will break down or get involved in an accident (knock on wood). Not to mention that more often than not, when we’re in a sticky situation, the help we seek doesn’t come as quickly as we want to.

Knowing the dire importance of being always ready, we’ve listed a few items that you should always keep in your car to help you survive your ordeal until roadside assistance arrives.

first aid kit

A first aid kit is always a handy tool to have in your vehicle especially in the event of an accident. It’s a must to have a pack of pain relievers, antiseptic cream, cotton swabs, scissors, gauze pads, saline solution, and adhesive bandages in an easily recognizable bag. Make sure to have all your items well organized so that you or any other person can easily access the items they need. It also makes it easier for them or for you to treat minor wounds and stop external bleeding until the ambulance arrives. You can ask a doctor or your local drug store to find out the best items to purchase for your car’s first aid kit. Conversely, you can also purchase a kit from your car’s dealership if they have it as an optional add-on to the vehicle. 

fire extinguisher

While having to use a fire extinguisher is a rare event, it’s the kind of tool that is always handy to have. Not that we’re scaring you but it’s an open secret that car fire can start at any time. It can be caused by a number of different causes such as an overheated engine, a short circuit, or even from the brakes. To help prevent the fire from spreading and causing more damage, it would be advisable to have a fire extinguisher inside your car.

For a vehicle, it’s recommended to purchase a fire extinguisher anywhere from two to four pounds. Also, consider how and where it can be mounted inside your car as you would want it to be placed in an area that’s easy to access. Make sure to check on the expiry date of the fire extinguisher as these need to be replaced every few years.

glass breaker

Some accidents cause car doors to be jammed shut. A good workaround for this is to have a hammer-like device called the window breaker. It has a sharp pointed tip that can break the tempered glass while some even come with a built-in knife to cut seatbelts. If you have the time to get out without rushing, make sure that your eyes are protected before doing this and to “clean off” the window’s edges with a towel before getting out.

As an additional bit of information, you can also use your car’s headrests as a way to break open a window. The pointed polls of the headrests allow for force to be concentrated at the very tip making it easier to break the glass in the same way a window breaker does its job.

Safety Tools Safety Vest Early Warning Device

Reflective Safety Vest and Early Warning Device

Having a reflective safety vest and early warning device on hand can help keep you safe. How? In case the car breaks down, wearing the reflective safety vest and placing early warning devices on the road (usually several meters behind the car) will allow other drivers to see you from a distance. They can then make the necessary adjustments and/or provide assistance.

car jumper cables

Another useful tool to have inside your vehicle at all times is a pair of jumper cables. This can be a lifesaver in the event that your vehicle’s battery runs dry and leaves you stranded. You can easily ask for a jump start to get your vehicle started back up so that you can drive it to the nearest battery store to buy a new car battery. Aside from this, you can also help other motorists out that encounter the same problem. A useful tool not just for you but for others as well.

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