Top 5 car accessories for bicyclists

Bicycles are considered one of the most economical transport mediums today. Some for their daily commute, while others use bikes for leisure purposes. Most cyclists would even prefer to transport their bicycle with their car especially when they plan long-distance travel and adventures. With this in mind, the following list of car accessories should be helpful among cyclists, as properly setting up your bike in your car help you reach—and enjoy—more places. 

Tow Hitch receiver

While some vehicles come with factory-installed tow hitch receivers, the majority, however, have this fitted as an accessory. Basically, this is where a hitch-mounted bike rack is attached for occasional use. The module is often located underneath the rear bumper, and is commonly used on SUVs, Crossovers, wagons, and even MPVs. Two of the few locally operated brands, HitchPro and OGP Tow Hitch, sell this accessory.

Hitch-mounted Rack

After having your tow hitch receiver installed, you’ll then have to consider getting a back rack. Several brands like Rhino and Yakima offer hitch-mounted racks. If you plan to carry only one bike, then you’re fine with a single carrier, but if you’re a family man (or woman), then you’d be better off with a rack that can carry 2 to 3 bikes. Some even come with a cargo tray,  which should give room for a cooler, spare parts, and other necessary equipment for your travel or adventure.


Carrying a hitch-mounted bike rack will somewhat increase the overall length of your car, plus, rear visibility will also be affected. Thus, drivers will need to exercise more caution on the road when using this accessory. Most bike racks do not come with reflectors, which is a major concern during night-time. To avoid tailgating, it’s best to stick some extra reflectors on the rack itself. This should achieve better safety,  given that the original reflectors attached on the bumper are covered.

Bed Bike Rack

While pickup trucks are still qualified for a tow hitch receiver, some drivers would still opt for a Bed Bike Rack. This type of bike rack is more suited for a pickup, and it’s even easier to install provided that it has a cargo bed where the module is commonly placed. The larger the pickup, the larger the rack it can accommodate a larger rack means more bikes. Loading and unloading are also made quite easy. Take note, however, that its overall loading capacity depends on the size of your pickup. 

Roof-mounted Bike Rack

Now, this is probably one of the most uncommonly sighted bike racks on the road,  yet some dealerships are selling this as an accessory. Unlike the previous racks mentioned earlier, this one places the bike on top of the vehicle. Perhaps, one of the reasons why only a few vehicles have this is because of its smaller loading capacity compared with the other two. Plus, loading and unloading your bike can be quite a hassle.

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