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The Corolla Altis’ taller brother was an instant hit when it first launched in the country, racking up thousands of views on our YouTube channel and our website. There was definite interest in the model thanks to both its badge and its nameplate. 

Having the family name of the legendary Corolla nameplate was just the beginning, as the model also came with Toyota’s hybrid system, further spurring the Japanese brand’s efforts to electrify the country’s cars. With all of that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the model’s one of our top recommendations at the price that it commands. Here are five reasons why the Toyota Corolla Cross should be on your wish list or even in your garage. 


We said that the Toyota Corolla Cross had some semblance of Fortuner in the mix, and that’s not a bad thing. It sports a striking front grille and smooth lines that make it look sharp and contemporary. The hybrid version steps up the style with cool blue accents on the Toyota badges and headlights, which not only look good but also hint at the vehicle's eco-friendly technology. The latest models also feature a new grille with a futuristic design and bright blue badges that stand out more than before, giving it a fresh and modern face.


If you prefer something that looks a bit sportier, the Corolla Cross GR-S is the showstopper in the lineup, offering customers a sporty exterior along with upgraded GR-Sport seats that hold you firmly in place. 


Hybrid powertrains are few and far between in the segment of compact crossovers. The Corolla Cross is one of the rare cases of a full hybrid system in a car of this class and it’s all the better for it. While other competitors are fielding turbochargers and fancy naturally-aspirated motors, Toyota’s electrifying its lineup to give drivers a smoother ride and more efficient fuel consumption. 


One of the biggest draws of the Toyota Corolla Cross is its impressive fuel efficiency, especially in the hybrid model. This version uses a combination of a gas engine and an electric motor to make the most of every gallon. It's capable of reaching up to 22 km/L in optimal driving conditions, which is top-notch for its class. The regenerative braking system helps by capturing energy usually lost during braking to recharge the battery. This means even in stop-and-go traffic, it keeps fuel use low and helps keep the air cleaner.


Not only does the hybrid system give it an edge in terms of fuel efficiency, it also allows it to smoothly track through stop-and-go situations, and through small city streets. Driving a normal gasoline-powered car can be a little jerky at times depending on the transmission that the car is fitted with, but the Corolla Cross comes with a CVT that makes things uber smooth even in the gasoline-only variant. The real magic comes when the electric motor is charged up as the Cross gets instant torque so you can quickly and smoothly get off the line from a stop. 

Driving the Corolla Cross is a smooth experience, thanks to its solid handling and comfortable suspension. Whether you’re navigating tight city corners or cruising on the highway, it feels stable and easy to control. The standard continuously variable transmission (CVT) helps the car accelerate smoothly without the jerky gear changes you get in some cars. For those looking for a quiet and easy drive, the Corolla Cross’s hybrid model offers quick acceleration and less noise, which is perfect for city driving.


Toyota packs the Corolla Cross with cutting-edge safety features that make driving less stressful. It comes with the Toyota Safety Sense package, which includes automatic emergency braking to prevent accidents, lane-keeping assist to help you stay in your lane, and adaptive cruise control for comfortable long drives. These features aren't just about preventing accidents; they make everyday driving easier and safer, giving you extra peace of mind on the road.


Inside, the Toyota Corolla Cross is made to be both comfortable and practical. The layout of the dashboard is simple and user-friendly, putting everything you need within easy reach. The standard seats are comfortable for long drives, and there’s plenty of room for passengers in the back. If you need more luxury, you can opt for upgraded seats with synthetic leather and heating. The Corolla Cross also offers lots of room for your stuff, with a spacious cargo area that expands greatly when you fold down the rear seats, making it a great choice for road trips or shopping excursions.

If you're still on the fence, no worries—the options are always there. The 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross is a 5-seater crossover that fits a variety of budgets, with prices ranging from ₱1.498 to ₱1.917 million in the Philippines. It's available in 2 colors and 3 variants, offering a single engine option and an E-CVT transmission. Measuring 4455 mm in length, 1825 mm in width, and 1620 mm in height, it's a perfectly sized vehicle for both city and adventure driving. Based on over 35 user reviews, the Corolla Cross scores high in features, mileage, seating comfort, and engine performance. And if you're still looking around, the Corolla Cross competes head-to-head with models like the CX-3, Coolray, ZS T, and Yaris Cross.Head over to AutoDeal to get a quote for the 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross!

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