Toyota Corolla Cross Philippines

The Corolla Altis’ taller brother was an instant hit when it first launched in the country, racking up thousands of views on our YouTube channel and our website. There was definite interest in the model thanks to both its badge and its nameplate. 

Having the family name of the legendary Corolla nameplate was just the beginning, as the model also came with Toyota’s hybrid system, further spurring the Japanese brand’s efforts to electrify the country’s cars. With all of that in mind, it should come as no surprise that the model’s one of our top recommendations at the price that it commands. Here are five reasons why the Toyota Corolla Cross should be on your wish list or even in your garage. 

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

We said that the Toyota Corolla Cross had some semblance of Fortuner in the mix, and that’s not a bad thing. The model looks well-to-do and comes with sleek lines and a large grille up front with a bunch of classy trimmings that make it a respectable looker of a crossover. If you get the hybrid variant, be on the lookout for all the blue accents that are scattered around the body of the car which cover all the Toyota badges, and the headlights. Paired with a contrasting color, these accents will stand out and add some style points plus a hint that it is a top-spec model. 

Toyota Corolla Cross GR Sport

If you prefer something that looks a bit sportier, the Corolla Cross GR-S is the showstopper in the lineup, offering customers a sporty exterior along with upgraded GR-Sport seats that hold you firmly in place. 

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Badge

Hybrid powertrains are few and far between in the segment of compact crossovers. The Corolla Cross is one of the rare cases of a full hybrid system in a car of this class and it’s all the better for it. While other competitors are fielding turbochargers and fancy naturally-aspirated motors, Toyota’s electrifying its lineup to give drivers a smoother ride and more efficient fuel consumption. 

In fact, we found it hard to beat the Corolla Cross when it came to fuel economy, thanks to the electric motor doing part of the work and recouping the lost energy that the car either comes to a stop or is out on the road. With both regenerative braking and the power from the engine, the Corolla Cross’ battery gets charged up which allows it to save fuel when you need it most, in traffic. In our testing, we were able to get 22 km/L without any city traffic. Then once everyone else came out to play, the consumption only dipped down to 16 km/L. How about that? Getting highway-level fuel figures while stuck behind another car in the city? 

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Driving

Not only does the hybrid system give it an edge in terms of fuel efficiency, it also allows it to smoothly track through stop-and-go situations, and through small city streets. Driving a normal gasoline-powered car can be a little jerky at times depending on the transmission that the car is fitted with, but the Corolla Cross comes with a CVT that makes things uber smooth even in the gasoline-only variant. The real magic comes when the electric motor is charged up as the Cross gets instant torque so you can quickly and smoothly get off the line from a stop. 

On top of that, the way that Toyota sprung the chassis is sublime, and it is one of the most comfortable cars that we’ve tested on the worst roads of Metro Manila and beyond. It doesn’t matter if there are a few potholes on your journey because the Corolla Cross will smoothen out the bumps and divots with ease. Even going over a hump in this car is pretty stable, and it’s also one of the quietest cars in its class with stellar NVH and a dead-silent start-up when you turn on the engine and electric motor. 

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid Safety Sense

In the top-spec variant, the Toyota Corolla Cross comes with the full suite of Toyota Safety Sense features which include a Pre-Collision System, Automatic High Beam, Lane Tracing Assist, Steering Assist, Lane Departure Alert, and Adaptive Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow. The last entry in the Safety Sense suite is a joy to use, and it can also be used at low speeds which translates to a relaxed cruise even while going at a slow pace through the city. That’s how advanced the system is in practice, it can sense a car in front of you and brake accordingly. 

On top of that, you also get Driver, Front Passenger, Side, Curtain Shield, and Driver Knee airbags ABS with EBD and brake assist, Vehicle Stability Control with Traction Control, Hill Start Assist Control, Emergency Brake Signal, Toyota Vehicle Security System  Front and rear parking sensors, which indicates that this is no mere economy model and it even comes with a five-star NCAP rating to boot. 

Toyota Corolla Cross Badge

We have to give credit to the lower variant of the Corolla Cross as well since it is still built on the same platform and it still comes with a smooth four-cylinder motor to boot. Without the hybrid system, the Cross is still a great car. Its lower variant is still valued quite well at P1,303,000 which is still a relative bargain given the refinement of the platform. 

Still, the top-spec hybrid is still the model to get, and it will be the poster child of the lineup for years to come. As the world transitions over to electric power, getting ahead of the curve isn’t a bad idea, and the Corolla Cross is one way to curb the rising fuel prices and get a stellar car while you’re at it, all for just P1,665,000. 

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