Types of Car Scratches and How to Treat Them

Like our skin, cars also require extra care in order to maintain that good-old showroom shine on its paint job. As much as some skincare gurus spend on their beauty products in order to achieve that flawless appearance, many car owners also invest in car care products such as shampoos, wax, and even a scratch repair kit. 

Not only enthusiasts but even some regular or first-time owners are quite wary when it comes to their cars. In fact, some are even disturbed when they notice a visible scratch on their car’s paint job. While other light scratches have an easy remedy, some, on the other hand, appear to be deeper than the usual, which would then require a complicated process. With that, there are even some instances wherein you have to visit your detailing shop to consult for a repair.

Now, if you happen to see a battle scar on your vehicle and you’re just dying to know the proper treatment for it, then this should serve as your guide in identifying car scratch types and the suitable treatment for each.

Light scratch or clear-coat scratch

This is probably the most minor type of scratch. In this category, the paint itself has not been damaged just yet, as the car’s factory clear coat is only affected by the scratch. Now, this layer usually serves as a shield or extra protection from dust, sunlight, and even acid rain. It’s categorized as a light scratch. This is often caused by accidentally scratching the car's paint with your fingernail.

This type of scratch can be treated easily, in fact, there are some instances when a wax is able to remove the scratch, while others use scratch repair kits. No need for major repairs, as the usual process in treating this kind of scratch can be done at home.

Primer scratch

Now we move on to the primer scratch, which is a slightly deeper scar than the clear coat scratch. From the name itself, the scratch dug all the way through the clear coat layer, therefore exposing the Prime. It can be quite stressful to look at as the paint job appears to be slightly ruined, plus, there is a slight chance that rust will occur on the affected portion, that is why immediate repair is advised to prevent that from happening. 

In terms of remedy, the process would usually take more time and would require expertise in order to get it fixed, that is why it’s best to bring this to your trusted shop. Notably, it is highly recommended to paint the whole panel to avoid uneven coloring of the paint. 

Paint scratch

Now, the most severe scratch of all is the paint scratch, wherein all of the protective materials like the clear-coat and primer have been eliminated. Even the paint itself is dugout. With all the components removed including the paint, the metal sheet under the layers have already been exposed, which is sort of hard to fix. 

This is commonly caused by stones of keys rubbed against your car’s paint job. Given that this is a major issue, it is best to have it repaired at your trusted shop as well, and consult them for the best possible remedy.

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