Refreshed Isuzu D-MAX

Isuzu Philippines has just recently launched the refreshed Isuzu mu-X, which does stray from tradition compared to other Pickup Platform Vehicles (PPVs) in the market wherein the pick-up version usually gets the update and refresh first with the updated version of the SUV coming shortly after. That being said, it is only just a matter of time until we do get the refreshed D-MAX locally, and finally, we have a date for its release. Before we get to its release, Isuzu Philippines is still keeping us in the dark about what the updates will be, so let’s discuss more in detail on what we could expect, with the refreshed Isuzu mu-X and international markets as our source.

Refreshed Isuzu D-MAX

The refreshed mu-X gets an updated grille with shiny blacked-out accents, so we could expect an updated grille for the D-MAX as well. As a matter of fact, in the Thai and Malaysian market, the D-MAX gets an updated grille, but instead of the blacked-out accents, it gets copper accents in addition to piano black to further accentuate the lines of the grille which in return complements the lines of the pick-up truck. Thai market D-MAX models also get cleaner front bumper guards compared to our current offerings, so we could also expect a new bumper guard design with the local refresh to tidy up the front fascia.

Refreshed Isuzu D-MAX alloy wheels

A refresh is never complete without a set of redesigned wheels, which are also present on the refreshed mu-X. The Australian, Thai, and Malaysian market D-MAX features new alloys that are not yet found in our current lineup of D-MAX variants, so we could expect the wheels to get a redesign as well.

Refreshed Isuzu D-MAX

The Thai market Isuzu D-MAX comes equipped with welcome lighting that automatically turns on the exterior and cabin lights should you be within two meters of the vehicle. While this could make for a “welcoming” feature, it might be best to manage expectations once the refreshed model is released.

Refreshed Isuzu D-MAX illuminated doorsills

Illuminated door sills come standard in various international markets, which adds a sense of luxury and specialness when opening your front door, reminding you that you are indeed the driver of an Isuzu D-MAX. It could be a great addition if we do see this option locally, at least for the higher-end variants.

Refreshed Isuzu D-MAX interior

New Zealand and Australian models get ambient foot lighting on their highest-end variants, this helps light up and customize the cabin to fit your mood with various color options available. While the chances of this feature arriving at our refreshed local D-MAX might be slim, it could still be up for consideration. Let’s wait and see.

All that being said, it is worth noting that this is all speculation, and the actual refreshed model may vary in available features compared to the international market D-MAX, but rest assured you will still get the legendary Isuzu robustness and reliability for years to come. 

We will find out the exact updates and specifications once the refreshed D-MAX releases on April 21, 2023, through its Summer Music Festival event at Alabang Town Center.

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