what do chery owners thing of their cars

Chery Philippines is a fairly new brand in the country, while its origins in the local automotive industry date back to the 2010s, its relaunch gave the brand a much-needed boost as it now comes with a star-studded lineup of crossovers in the country.  With Chery's vehicle lineup being affordable and feature-packed at the same time it was no wonder that many flocked to the brand looking for a great value for money proposition for their future vehicles. With that said we take a look at what Chery owners think about their vehicles from their initial purchasing experience to 6 months later after a few miles have been put on their car.

chery Tiggo 8 review

First up we have a review of the Chery Tiggo 8, the brand’s flagship model in the country. The owner, Mr. Serrano states that he is very pleased with the purchase of the vehicle as he has no regrets about choosing it as his new car. He states that he is fully satisfied with the car, especially thanks to its feature set and with the freebies that came with it. He also states that the warranty of the Tiggo 8 is something he likes about the vehicle. 

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro review

Next, we move to the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro, one of the newer options that the automaker has on sale in the country. The owner, Mr. Pantonial states that he is very happy with the vehicle, especially with the technology and features that it offers. He states that it also gave him a fantastic driving experience with his overall consensus for the vehicle being very satisfied. 

Chery Tiggo 5X owner review

This owner’s review of the Tiggo 5X is something that we found to be very interesting as he breaks down his experience with the car in a list-like fashion. Mr. Tupas states the reasons why he liked the vehicle with examples such as it being easy to drive uphill, it having a comfortable driving experience, and it having a great amount of trunk space just to name a few. Overall Mr. Tupas looks to be a proud and satisfied owner of the crossover with his only comment being the fuel efficiency of the Tiggo 5X being average in mixed city driving conditions. 

Chery TIggo 2 owner review

On to the 6 months of ownership and beyond reviews. First, we have an owner of a Chery Tiggo 2 unit. Mr. Largado has given the vehicle high marks in several categories with only a few 4-star ratings being put in for the cleanliness and comfort of the service center, quality of work performed, on-time completion, overall experience with the vehicle, and its value for money. Despite all of these comments, he still states that he is still a satisfied owner.

Chery Tiggo 2 owner review

Moving on to another Tiggo 2 owner. Ms. Uy has given the vehicle a 5-star rating all around and looks to be thoroughly satisfied with the crossover. Her one standout comment is that she wishes that the head unit update was more readily available at her local service center, however, aside from that she states that the vehicle is worth every peso that she has spent and more. 

Chery Tiggo 2 owner review

Finally, we have another female Tiggo 2 owner Mrs. Ramirez, who is also satisfied with her purchase as she has given the vehicle a 5-star rating all around. This goes to show that even for women the Tiggo 2 strikes the right balance of price and features. It's no wonder that the Tiggo 2 is one of the more popular models that the brand sells in the Philippines. With that being said, it seems as though most Chery owners are satisfied with their vehicles with only a few comments being made about the service center and service quality of their vehicles. 

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