Firestone FS100

Durable. Dependable. Safe. Exceptional grip. Value for money. If these factors won’t make you go gaga over the return of Firestone, one of the world’s biggest and most popular tire brands, to the Philippines, then perhaps nothing is awesome anymore.

Thanks to the Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation (PAEC), the official distributor of Bridgestone in the country made the huge comeback of Firestone, which is a subsidiary of Bridgestone since 1988, possible.

In a media luncheon where Firestone was formally welcomed to the local motoring market together with the introduction of its FS100 touring tire, Steven Tagle, PAEC’s AVP for Sales, says, “For a state-of- the-art, high-quality tire, the FS100 offers exceptional value that will be difficult for any competitor to match.”

“We’re bringing both quality and safety within the reach of our consumers, and at a price tag that we’re sure will make a budget-conscious market very happy.”

Much more affordable indeed, he furthered that the FS100 also won’t disappoint in the quality and performance. Designed to fit the subcompact and compact car categories, the FS100 gives motorists a well-balanced performance through a sophisticated tread, resulting to good grip in both wet and dry road conditions. Meanwhile, the tire features wide main grooves and highly-slanted diagonal slits that disperse water while minimizing tire deformation, making it perfect for safe wet braking.

The FS100 carries on the excellent quality and durability from the tracks to the streets. With the the same technology for Firestone’s racing line applied to the FS100’s sidewall’s construction, the FS100 has been beefed up to provide superior stability with better protection against sidewall cuts. Despite the guarantee of endurance, if there’s any circumstance that the tire can’t survive, there will be a local 5-year limited warranty as means of support.

Paving the way for high quality and low price tire options, there’s so much to look forward to the Firestone brand, especially with the coming of its FS555, the range meant for commercial vehicles and trucks. Marc Tagle, the PAEC’s CEO and President, summed up the promise of the brand in his meaningful message: The icon is back, and it’s here to last. 

Fit for the 14-inch and 15-inch wheels, which are the most common original wheel sizes for the compact vehicles, the FS100 touring tires are available in the following selected Bridgestone dealers nationwide:

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