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The legalization of GrabCar’s operation in the country has been opening doors for Filipinos to venture in to a high-income generating personal business. Through the ride sharing app, they can legally drive their vehicles and provide a reliable and safer transportation for the public.

The question is, how do you become a GrabCar driver or as the transportation service calls it, a GrabCar Peer?

 In order to be an accredited Grab Peer, you have to present these documents:

1.      Your photo with a white background

2.      Any government-issued ID as a proof of your Filipino citizenship

3.      Tax Return Statement and your TIN

4.      BIR Certificate of Registration

5.      If you have your own business, you should also submit Certificate of Business Name

6.      A map of your home’s garage

So how about the vehicle? GrabCar accept sedans, SUVS, and AUVs but not pick-up trucks and vans. In accordance to the Department Order No. 2015-011, Transport Network Vehicles, which GrabCar is categorized, vehicles that are not more than 3 years old upon TNC registration and date of manufacture are allowed to operate. 

What if it is not under your name? Grab Car will still allow you to apply as long you can provide the necessary documents such as OR, CR and of course a legal document from the rightful car owner to use the vehicle for business. Another requirement is to present  a comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage for the vehicle.

To ensure that you or your hired driver is legal to drive and doesn’t have any pending legal case, Grab Car will ask you to submit NBI and PNP clearances, as well as a professional driver’s license complete with its official receipt.

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