Which Nissan should I buy?

Nissan is one of the most enduring Japanese automotive brands in the Philippines. It has earned its place at the top of buyers' lists with vehicles of quality craftsmanship and reliable engineering.

In the Philippines, Nissan sells a variety of models competing in different segments. If you're loyal to the brand but don't know which one to get, you're in luck, as we're here to pick apart its local lineup and help you find which Nissan you should buy.

Nissan Almera Philippines

We're starting things off with Nissan's entry-level subcompact sedan offering, the Almera. With a relatively affordable starting price of only P728,000, the Almera presents one of the best deals in Nissan Philippines' lineup.

The sedan features a modern design and a host of attractive tech and safety features, including the Nissan Intelligent Mobility suite. It's available with a 1.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine making 99 hp and 152 Nm of torque. The motor connects to either a five-speed manual or CVT. Inside, an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ensures an enjoyable experience for the younger crowd. 

The Almera can be anyone's gateway to Nissan's world. It's a capable and modern sedan with a price to love.

Nissan Navara Philippines

Buyers looking for a versatile pickup truck need not look further than the Navara. It's one of the top sought-after midsize utility vehicles today, packing a powerful yet efficient 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine in a stylish package. 

The Navara is available in many variants, including the base model 2.5 EL 4X2 MT, which sells for just over a million pesos. Meanwhile, the flagship PRO-4X model takes things to a whole new level with a striking exterior upgrade. This model also features Nissan Intelligent Mobility and other advanced tech features.

Whichever way your adventurous spirit takes you, the Nissan Navara is a formidable companion through every journey. 

Nissan Terra Philippines

The Nissan Terra is one of several vehicles competing in the hot midsize SUV segment. What the Terra has going for it includes a refined exterior design, a premium interior, a capable diesel power plant, and best-in-class tech features.

Of course, the Terra seats seven people comfortably, making it a top choice for families. Starting at P1,649,00, you get standard features like an eight-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, quad-LED projector headlamps, and a keyless entry system.

Spring for the higher models, and you get goodies like the Intelligent Mobility suite, remote fold-and-tumble seats, and six SRS airbags for maximum safety.

For families with high aspirations, the Nissan Terra is a mature and modern seven-seater SUV that has it all.

Nissan URVAN

While vans are not as popular in the Philippines as they once were, there are still several players vying for a piece of the market, including the Nissan URVAN. It's as versatile and capable as it's always been, giving buyers a lot of room starting at P1,480,000 for the 15-seater model. There's also an 18-seater model at only P9,000 more and a significantly cheaper cargo model.

The URVAN's 2.5-liter four-cylinder diesel engine provides ample power while returning good fuel economy figures. It also gives passengers lots of room with multiple seating configurations. Overall, the Nissan URVAN is an enduring model with plenty to offer for everyday needs or recreational activities.

Nissan Patrol Philippines

If you're looking for a premium vehicle to ferry you in style, the Nissan Patrol is an attractive choice. With its commanding presence, powerful engine, and advanced tech, the Patrol is everything a modern SUV should aspire to be.

Nissan blended imposing proportions with subtle curves to achieve a mature design, punctuated by modern lighting technology and features like privacy windows and massive 20-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, a premium interior awaits, highlighted by black wood and upscale leather trims. The Patrol also packs a long list of impressive tech, including a 12.3-inch advanced touchscreen display audio unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Other notable tech features include Bose speakers, wireless charging, a sunroof, and Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

The Nissan Patrol could be yours for P4,548,000. It's the pinnacle of Nissan's vision for a premium SUV.

Nissan LEAF Philippines

Apart from its history of producing quality combustion engine vehicles, Nissan has also been pioneering electric vehicle (EV) technology. The Nissan LEAF is perhaps the best-known all-electric model in Nissan's stable, and it's currently available in the Philippines.

For P2,798,00, you get a true battery-electric vehicle with a 40 kWh battery pack, 148 hp, and 320 Nm of torque. With a range of 311 km in a single charge, the LEAF presents a modern ride for our urban roads.

There aren't many other EVs in the country currently, so the LEAF is one of your best bets in this department. Oh, and it can power your house for a few hours too.

Who can forget the folks looking for a fast ride? Not us, as we have the Nissan 370Z and Nissan GT-R for you. The 370Z is a two-door, two-seater sports car for those that want a pure driving experience, and the GT-R is Nissan's flagship two-door sports coupe with an edge.

The 370Z, of course, is the more affordable option, coming in at a starting price of well under P3 million. It packs a 3.7-liter V6 engine with a blistering 332 hp and 363 Nm of torque. It's available with either a six-speed manual gearbox with synchroRev RevMatch or a seven-speed Jatco automatic transmission.

Meanwhile, the GT-R has an eye-watering P8.9-million sticker price, but you do get Nissan's latest and greatest performance and features. Besides its unmistakable look, the GT-R features a leather-trim cabin with a premium Bose sound system and a seven-inch touchscreen display.

Under the hood, the Nissan GT-R boasts a 3.9-liter V6 engine that delivers 570 hp and 633 Nm of torque. The beefy powerplant pairs with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with selectable drive modes. Considering all that, the GT-R provides more power than you'll ever need in a sports car.

As we've discovered, Nissan has many vehicles available in the market, from a sedan like the Almera to a flagship SUV like the Patrol. Whichever one you get, you'll be delighted to know that Nissan Philippines offers a five-year or 150,000 km warranty for its vehicles. It includes mechanical and electrical parts coverage for five years, as well as three years of body and accessories coverage.

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