Defending champion Jody Coseteng made a blistering performance, despite missing rounds 1 and 2 of the series. On-board his white Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII, he and fellow GT300 class racer Dondon Portugal clinched the 1st and 2nd qualifying slots, while completing the first five of the 18-car grid were GT200 contenders Joey Perry, Carlos Anton, and Paolo Mantolino, taking 3rd, 4th, and 5th places respectively.

As the morning continued, a 9-lap sprint race soon followed, and again, Jody Coseteng took the lead in the GT300 class in style, but the same cannot be said for Dondon Portugal, who was disqualified due to technical issues, while actor Jomari Yllana had a DNF. Piloting a blue Honda Civic FD, Carlos Anton managed to thrust himself to a win, taking 1st place in the GT200 class, followed by Joey Perry in 2nd place and William Tan, rounding off the podium in 3rd. Notches down the line in the GT150 Class, Richmon Dela Rosa, Allen Macaraig, and Dindo de Jesus took 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, while finishing ahead in the GT100 Class was Ivan Diaz.

During the afternoon’s 15-lap GT race, the fiery battle within the GT200 class was sighted as one of the most action-packed highlights, with Carlos Anton who almost took the win, if not for a coil pack failure, forcing the veteran racer to drop down to 2nd place behind Joey Perry. The same intensity underscored the battle for 3rd place also in the GT200 class, with William Tan crossing the line for the final podium slot, ahead of Paolo Mantolino who put up a fearsome fight, but was eventually overtaken overall,  to finish 4th.

Clinching first place overall in the race and in the GT300 class was Jody Coseteng, prompting what could be another awesome season for the defending champion. Coming in 2nd place was Dondon Portugal, and as if caught in a series of unfortunate events, Jomari Yllana was again faced with yet another DNF.

The entire race weekend was dominated with the heat of the sun, and that heat transcended down in to the GT150 and GT100 Class, with Richmon Dela Roas and Allan Macaraig finishing in 1st and 2nd, while Raymond Ronquillo crossed the line, taking 3rd place for the GT150 Class. In the GT100’s, Raffy Latore bagged 1st place, and position #2 went to the Mazda2 driven by Edwin Rodriguez, while Ivan Diaz’ podium-finishing momentum was halted with a DNF.

The 2014 Yokohama Grand Touring Car Championship wasn’t the only race that has wowed the crowds last August 31. There was also the 2014 Philminiracers Championship, and bagging podium spots for that race were Rodney Caballero, Bernard Sy, and Borgy Zoleta taking 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. Also, the VW Kafer Cup went into action as well, with Daniel and Carlos Castaneda grabbing 1st and 2nd places, while Dexter Daquigan settled for 3rd.

Finally, in the Winds Formula Philippines race, Takashi Ito charged to lead the pack, followed closely by Sung Joon Park in second. Things were heating up when Park suddenly spun out on the penultimate lap, allowing Ito a much wider gap, leading to a first-place finish. Jeremy San Diego was at the receiving end of a mechanical gremlin, which have made qualifying a struggle, forcing him to start at the back-end of the grid. Masamichi Kawai went on to finish 3rd.

The fourth leg of the 2014 Yokohama Philippine Grand Touring Car Championship will be held on September 27 and 28, again at Clark International Speedway. The races are sanctioned by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP), presented by PETRONAS Energy Philippines, Inc. and sponsored by Yokohama Tires Sales Philippines, Inc.

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