2019 Suzuki Jimny Pick Up Concept

While we still have quite the wait for the 2019 Suzuki Jimny to finally be sold in dealerships around the country, it doesn't mean that Suzuki can make the waiting even harder to bear by teasing us with Suzuki Jimny concepts. Oh, wait, that’s exactly what they did. Set to be shown off at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon, these concepts are built on the new Jimny, but with quite a number of modifications.

First, we have the Suzuki Jimny Sierra Pick Up Style. Despite being quite the mouthful, the Jimny pickup takes the nostalgic look and dials it up a notch by combining elements found in another iconic off-roader albeit from another brand. One look at the front fascia and you can tell the uncanny resemblance with the Toyota J75 Land Cruiser Pickup, mainly because this concept ditches the vertical slats in the grille for a more square and traditional one like in the older Land Cruisers. Even the wheels and color choices are reminiscent of the Toyota. Then, you’ve got the LED light bar, scuff plates, and additional towing hooks to complete the look, creating a very handsome and slightly confused off-roader, indeed.

Next is the Suzuki Jimny Survive, which sounds like it’s catering to those looking for a post-apocalyptic vehicle of choice. While it doesn’t look like it could survive a nuclear explosion, it does seem to provide protection against the undead when doing a few supply runs. In reality, the Jimny Survive is built to tackle the wilderness. You’ve got external roll bars, short steel bumpers, and a lot more metalwork going into the corners and scuff plate. You’ve also got tracks attached to the roof rack and a winch to help you out in touch spots.

While the odds are low that these concepts will be sold at showrooms, we can assume that aftermarket kits or even genuine accessories to replicate the look and function of the concepts will go on sale soon after. Either way, our fingers are crossed that we find out more about an exact date as to when the Jimnys can start rolling into people’s garages, and, of course, we’ll have a full review once we can get our hands on one.

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