Mercedes Benz Maybach S 650 philippines

Mercedes-Benz, a brand known for luxury and well-engineered cars. Maybach, a brand that is even more luxurious than the normal Mercs that already are something else in their field. The Philippines is no stranger to Benzs. From the old classics that still continue to plow the streets to new exotics and luxury SUVs, sedans, and crossovers that all bear the famous badge and mark of quality. 

Mercedes Benz Maybach rear

To those who want more from the German automaker, Maybach is the brand to look at if uncompromising luxury is high on your wish list. Luckily for those select few, the 2020 Mercedes-Mayback S 560 is now available courtesy of the Auto Nation Group, the official distributor of Mercedes-Benz and AMG cars in the Philippines. 

Now on to the car, with a refreshed look, the S 560 bears the mark of a true flagship luxury sedan. It features elegant exterior styling that also features a grille that has a timeless aesthetic, featuring vertical lines finished with a luster of chrome. The lower half of the front bumper also is more sculpted and features a gorgeous set of accents and textures. Mercedes-Maybach has also updated the wheels on the car, opting for a unique set of alloys that feature a very polished look.

Maybach interior

While the exterior is updated, the interior is retained from pre-facelifted models. All the amenities are the same here, with the digital infotainment and digital instrument cluster with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto making a reappearance with the Burmester sound system to boot. LED ambient lighting is still found here, as are the beautiful wood panels and leather upholstery. There is also a panoramic sunroof, a wireless charging pad, velour floor mats, and also rear privacy screens. 

It becomes clear where the owner of the car will be seated, not in the front, but mostly in the back. The long wheelbase of the vehicle allows for a lot of legroom and toys that the Maybach can come equipped with. It has 5 seats but the Maybach is best with only 4 passengers. The center armrest in the rear features a control panel that allows users to control various features in the car without difficulty. 

The S 560 comes with a total of 3 packages the Chauffeur Package, the Comfort Package, and the Rear-Seat Entertainment Package. 

For the Chauffeur package, expect power-adjustable rear seats with memory functionality. With the Comfort Package, the rear seats are multi-contoured and come with heating and cooling functions. Rounding out the options is the Rear Seat Entertainment Package, which gives the rear passengers two 10-inch displays, two wireless headsets, two USB and AUX ports, and remote control. All these features make it seem like you’re not even in your own car, more like a rolling German-built living room. 

Moving this mammoth of a sedan is no easy feat, so the brand did not opt for an engine that would just cut it. With 4.0-liters worth of displacement, two turbos, eight cylinders, and a whopping 463 hp and 700 Nm of torque that is mated to the nine-speed 9G-Tronic automatic transmission, performance should be more than enough to deliver a smooth ride. 

As for price, it’ll definitely be more expensive than the top of the line S-Class, and that’s already a big chunk of change.

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