Toyota Corolla Altis GR-Sport

Toyota Taiwan has recently launched a new variant of the Corolla Altis into its model lineup in the form of the GR-Sport. The new variant will be considered as the new top of the line model. Like its Thailand counterpart, the GR-Sport now comes with a more athletic-looking exterior and comes with a few interior accents to help set it apart from the regular Corolla Altis lineup. All GR-sport variants come standard with Toyota’s Safety Sense technology as standard.

Toyota Corolla Altis GR-Sport rear

The Taiwanese variant varies slightly from the Thailand version as it opts for a more refined look. It does away with the silver front accents found on the Thailand model and goes for a larger lower grille. The Taiwan model also comes with a different set of 17-inch alloy wheels. Differences between the two don’t stop there as the Taiwan version also comes with lightly tinted headlights and with a different set of fog light housings. The rear of the vehicle also gets a new diffuser. 

Toyota Corolla GR-Sport interior

Setting it apart from the normal Corolla Altis model range the GR-Sport variant comes with a special interior. While the overall layout is the same, the sporty variant now comes with new red and black leather seats as well as red accent stitching found throughout the cabin. 

While power for the GR-Sport Corolla Altis remains unchanged there is more to the sporty variant than just the cosmetics. The Japanese brand’s Gazoo Racing (GR) division has tuned the compact sedan to handle better. It now comes with a set of GR tuned shock absorbers and with new thicker front and rear stabilizer bars as well as anti-roll bars. These new performance parts help reduce the body roll of the vehicle while cornering. 

Engine options for the Taiwanese GR-Sport are either naturally aspirated 1.8-liter motor or the 1.8-liter hybrid power plant. Both variants retain the same transmission options as they come with a CVT. Paddle shifters can be found in the 1.8-liter variant, however, these are absent in the hybrid model. While Toyota Philippines has yet to state anything official with regards to bringing in the GR-Sport variant into the country. Its addition to the local Corolla Altis lineup, however, could cater to those who want a more athletic-looking version of the popular compact sedan. 

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