Hyundai Bacoor

Hyundai Motor Philippines Inc. (HMPH) has recently welcomed the Borromeo Motoring Group into its network of dealers with the establishment of Hyundai Bacoor. A ceremony took place on May 24 to commemorate this partnership, attended by key figures from HMPH, including President Mr. Dongwook Lee and Managing Director Mr. Cecil Capacete. They were joined by Mr. Max Borromeo, the founder of the Borromeo Motoring Group, and Mr. Paolo Borromeo, President of Performance Motors Company, Inc. Also present were executive board members, including Mr. Butch Atianzar, Chief Financing Officer, Mr. Johann Martinez, General Manager, and Mr. Juancho Anduiza, General Sales Manager.

Hyundai Bacoor

During the ceremony, Mr. Lee expressed his appreciation for the Borromeo Group and their trust in the Hyundai brand. He highlighted the significance of the occasion, as the dealership in Bacoor marks the first collaboration between HMPH and the Borromeo Group, with a second dealership in Calamba already established in the city of Laguna. Mr. Lee emphasized the fruitful partnership between the two entities and their commitment to providing the people of Cavite with greater access to innovative and sustainable Hyundai products.

“Today, we are breaking ground not just for the soon-to-rise outlet here in Bacoor, but also for the start of a fruitful partnership between HMPH and the Borromeo Group. After all, we have two special celebrations today. We officially recognize this very dealership as their first, and Calamba, in the city of Laguna, as their second.”
Hyundai Bacoor

Bacoor, known for its historical significance and status as the second-largest province in Cavite, has seen remarkable growth in recent years. While agriculture remains a vital part of its economy, commercial and service-related industries have also flourished. The area is experiencing development in residential, land, and transportation sectors, including the construction of the Cavite Coastal Road Extension. Hyundai aims to cater to the needs of Bacoor's residents and contribute to the region's progress.

The Hyundai Bacoor dealership, located in Barangay Mambong on Molino Boulevard, will cover an area of 2,129 square meters. It is expected to be operational by the second quarter of 2024 and will showcase the new Hyundai Global Dealership Space Identity (GDSI) 2.0, providing a modern and enhanced customer experience.

With the establishment of Hyundai Bacoor, HMPH remains on track to achieve its goal of having 45 dealerships by the end of 2023. This expansion reflects the company's commitment to serving customers across the Philippines and strengthening its presence in key regions.

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