Cars 3 EV introduction

Disney and Pixar just revealed the first teaser trailer of Cars 3 today, and it might turn out far different than the Cars we grew up loving. The teaser is under a minute-long and previews a montage from what looks like a Piston Cup race. 

Looking closely, the trailer was rendered in a darker color grading. This could signify a more mature storyline compared to its two prequels, Cars and Cars 2.

In the middle of the teaser, a mysterious vehicle was seen passing through NASCAR race cars. With its distinct engine roar, a body with sharp edges, and a wider, flatter shape, we have instantly come up with a good guess – this must be an EV (electric vehicle). 

Our wild guess was further “solidified” after seeing the line in the latter part of the teaser saying, "From this moment, everything will change." While the idea of this pertaining to McQueen's crash is probable, this could also be intended to mirror the current trend in the automotive industry. 

An example of such account is Volkswagen sacrificing 30,000 jobs for 9,000 electric development positions, which says a lot in terms of technological transition. Also, recently, Toyota established an in-house company to handle all its electric car development.

If you haven’t watched the teaser, check it out below.

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