Cebu Rapid Bus Transit Line

Construction for the Cebu’s Rapid Bus Transit Project finally gets the go signal from the government to start. As a fixture in the government’s project pipeline, we’ll finally be able to see the project being undertaken. 

Cebu’s new transit system will span multiple cities and provincial areas of the region. The system is expected to organize and alleviate traffic congestion in the Queen City of the South and improve the efficiency of the mass transport system on top of that. Citizens of the major city, once completely operational, will be able to go around the region much easier, and drivers will hopefully see a marked improvement in the city’s traffic situation. 

The Rapid Bus Transit system will include a 2.38-kilometer Segregated Bus Lane, supplemented by 1.15 kilometers of Pedestrian Improvement from the link to the port of the system. 

Cebu currently has four bus stations which include the Cebu South Bus Terminal, Cebu Normal University, Fuente Osmeña Circle, and finally the Cebu Provincial Capitol. 

13.18 kilometers of segregated lanes will cover 17 stations, one big bus depot, and a singular trunk terminal that spans from South Road Properties (SRP) in the south of Cebu, to the IT park in the north district. The system will cover multiple municipalities including Cebu City, Talisay City, and the rest of the provincial areas of Cebu. 

The transport system will also include a 22.1 Feeder Line System with two feeder terminals and 76 bus stops all across the province. 

Accordion to the Department of Transportation, the Cebu Rapid Bus Transit system will undergo construction and be partially operational by the fourth quarter of this year. Full operational capacity is expected to happen by the second quarter of 2025, about two years from now. 

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