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The ongoing pandemic has brought about transportation challenges that have convinced a number of commuters to look for personal modes of transportation. Given that the country is in a challenging financial situation interested buyers are looking for more affordable deals for brand new cars. While buying a new vehicle may be out of the budget, car companies are offering a good middle point with the introduction of certified pre-owned vehicles.

Certified pre-owned vehicles offer interested buyers the option of a used vehicle at a more affordable than brand new price with the knowledge that the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected by the company and has met its standards. These vehicles may also even come with a warranty extension from the company itself. This gives the buyer some peace of mind when purchasing certified pre-owned vehicles.

Automotive brands such as Toyota Philippines and BMW Philippines are already offering their customers this option. Both brands put these vehicles through a rigorous process of inspection in order to ensure that the next buyer gets the unit in the best possible condition.

Certified pre-owned vehicles as previously mentioned give buyers additional peace of mind with the purchase. Dealerships will often throw in an extended warranty with the vehicle along with other maintenance-related vouchers and freebies. An added bonus is that worn-out parts or parts that need replacing will be replaced in the vehicle prior to it going on sale. The vehicle will also include a complete service record to document the vehicle’s history. Low financing rates and special offers may even be found with these vehicles allowing to more easily take home the vehicle.

While you do get the assurance of a proper vehicle inspection these certified pre-owned vehicles will come in slightly more expensive when compared to vehicles being sold by a private seller. The added cost comes from the inspection and warranty offered with the vehicle in the hope that you will not need to pay for vehicle repairs down the line.

Different dealerships also have different parameters with regards to what cars quality for their certified pre-owned programs. This also means that their inspections may vary from facility to facility or may even be less rigorous when compared to the manufacturer-sponsored programs.

It is important to note that even if you are purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle you are still taking a risk by purchasing it. You will still need to inspect the vehicle thoroughly and it is highly advised that you bring a trusted mechanic along. This will ensure that despite its attractive pricing you are still getting the vehicle at the right price in relation to its condition.

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