DOTr opens a zipper lane along Quezon Avenue westbound

Expect to encounter a bit more traffic in the next few days as the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has recently announced that starting December 5 it would be opening up a zipper lane along Quezon Avenue between the hours of 6 AM to 8 AM.  This was done to ease traffic congestion in the area and to make it easier for motorists heading toward Manila via the avenue to get to their destination quicker. 

The said zipper lane will be open to the public between 6 AM and 8 AM during weekdays only, furthermore, westbound motorists are advised to take the zipper lane in order to maximize traffic flow in the area. The zipper lane starts from the front of the Philippine Lung Center U-turn slot, pass through Quezon Avenue to the EDSA underpass, and will end at the U-turn slot in front of the Providence Hospital.

The DOTr has yet to reveal how long this new traffic scheme will last along Quezon Avenue, however, it did mention that it will also serve as a study on the possible effects on the current traffic flow along Elliptical Road and Quezon Avenue. Aside from this, it will also serve as a basis for the establishment of active and public transportation infrastructure in the area which will benefit all road users.

While this will provide relief for motorists going westbound, eastbound motorists who are heading toward the Elliptical Circle will have to adjust to the new traffic flow as one lane has effectively been removed during the zipper lane hours. That being said, expected there to be a bit more traffic in the area as motorists slowly adapt to this new traffic scheme, once this adjustment period has been finished motorists headed westbound can expect a smoother journey during the morning rush hour.

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