The Empow R by GAC Trumpchi makes an entrance as a convertible in China.

GAC Trumpchi has decided it's time for a little open-air therapy (literally) with its Empow R convertible, which is making a debut in China. 

At the 2024 Shenzhen Jiuzhou Modification Exhibition, GAC Trumpchi revealed a new, convertible version of its Empow R car. The eye-catching car has been the center of attention since its debut in China, making many wonder if it'll be produced for the mass market, especially in the Philippines!

The reimagined Empow R comes with new modifications - not only has it rid two doors, but its wheelbase has also been trimmed by 120 mm for a slimmer shape, and the front doors have been elongated by 100 mm. In the absence of B-pillars, the A-pillars, cross members, and rear fenders were reconstructed to accommodate the folding roof mechanism.


The car features a lower stance, thanks to updated shock absorbers that reduce its ride height, and is now equipped with 20-inch wheels, making it look sportier. The interior has also been upgraded, alongside changes to the refueling system, oil circuit, and a new exhaust system. 


Powered by the same 2.0T engine as the standard Empow R, this convertible version produces 261.499 Hp of power and 400 Nm of torque. It's paired with an eight-speed Aisin automatic transmission, so that's a yes to a smooth ride!


Since its initial launch in 2021, the Empow series from GAC Trumpchi has evolved, including a hybrid version and the high-performance Empow R model in 2023. 

The convertible version is the latest in the series, and this time GAC Trumpchi shows it's not afraid to let its hair, or should we say top down—figuratively and... literally. While we're still waiting to see if this convertible Empow R will go into production, you can take a look at GAC's current offerings and get a quote for the vehicle you want to drive home!

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