EDSA U-Turn slots near Quezon City Academy and Dario Bridge reopened

It was reported the other day that EDSA U-turn slots near Quezon City Academy will be reactivated for a better flow of traffic on the major road. Now, the plan has finally proceeded with the slot now being open for vehicles. Apart from that, the U-turn slot near the Dario Bridge was reactivated as well, therefore giving motorists more passageways while traversing EDSA. However, the opening does hold a few regulations.

The Quezon City Government and Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) were the ones responsible for reopening the two slots. However, as per the LGU, only light vehicles will be allowed to cross through Quezon City Academy U-turn slot. Certain exemptions are then applied on emergency and government vehicles, therefore granting them to make a U-turn near the Dario Bridge slot. 

Going further, the flow of traffic is then taken care by Quezon City's Task Force on Traffic Management together with Task Force Disiplina, as these representatives shall enforce a stop-and-go traffic scheme. That said, Carousel buses are then to be stopped once private vehicles are set to take a U-turn or perhaps, vice-versa depending on the situation.

Upon announcing this plan, MMDA stated that the supposed opening of both slots at the latest this Saturday. Quite surprisingly, both slots were opened by the MMDA and Quezon City Government just today after coming with its stop-and-go traffic scheme.

Upon recalling, the closing of U-Turn slots was done last September in order to improve the bus commuting experience here in the country. Despite the beneficial factors this plan holds among private vehicles, the reduced travel time of Carousel buses might be affected given the reopened slots. Then again, at least the increased congestion on EDSA during rush hours shall somewhat be enlightened, therefore making the lives of commuters and daily drivers both equally convenient. 

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