F.Manalo bridge

Motorists who frequent Pasig, get ready for some additional traffic as the F. Manalo bridge is set to temporarily be a one-way road to east-bound traffic until February 2023. The bridge will only be passable to vehicles coming from C5 and that is headed towards Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Avenue. As this route is often frequented by many motorists it could be set for an initial stage of confusion, especially as the implementation of one-way traffic has just started. 

While this change in traffic scheme was initially meant to be for the bridge’s rehabilitation it may also double as an experiment for the local government to handle certain traffic situations. The area has been known to be a bottleneck during certain times of the day and this new one-way scheme may ease this issue. The change in traffic scheme officially started on November 13, 2022, and is expected to remain this way until February 2023. While there was no specific end date given, we are expecting the rehabilitation to finish by the latter part of that February.

With the one-way traffic scheme on the bridge already being implemented, the Pasig City LGU is from Barangay Manggahan headed to C5 or Eastwood to take Ortigas Avenue or Marcos Highway instead. Motorists who frequent the alternate routes can expect more traffic in the area thanks to this rerouting and the impact that the holiday season brings in general to traffic all across Metro Manila.

As a general reminder especially with the MMDA temporarily suspending road works, it is advisable to plan your trips in advance or consider leaving just a little bit earlier, especially with the unpredictability of traffic. The volume of vehicles on the road has increased and is returning to its previous figures pre-pandemic. Mall hours have also been increased so that Christmas shoppers have more time to buy their items and to hopefully stave off major gridlock within the National Capital Region. 

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