GAC Emkoo

Sources indicate that GAC is going big for the Manila 2023 International Auto Show (MIAS). A new model is debuting at this year’s auto show, and it’s going to be a crossover. 

Auto Industriya reports that the model to launch will be called the Emkoo, a crossover that’s in the compact segment of the market, meaning that it will be pitted against the likes of the Ford Territory, Corolla Cross, and Geely Azkarra to name a few. 

The Emkoo will also present a great deal of value because of its size. At 4,680mm long, 1,901mm wide, and 1,670mm tall on a 2,750 mm wheelbase. That makes it one of the longer models in its class and enough to even fit seven seats if international models are anything to go by. While GAC does have a seven-seater in the lineup abroad, the model that we will get for now will be the five-seater. 

There is also another catch. According to Auto Industriya’s sources, it might be a bit of a “photo finish” should the GAC Emkoo make it to MIAS this year due to shipping delays. We hope to catch the unit at the show, however, so we’re crossing our fingers for its arrival/debut at one of this year’s biggest auto shows. 

If any of GAC’s recent models are anything to go off of, like the Empow and the newly-updated GS8, the Emkoo looks like a very promising product from the Chinese manufacturer. Hoping to cover new ground in the compact crossover segment in the country, the Emkoo could turn quite a few heads. 

As for its engine, the most likely candidate that’ll come to the Philippines includes a 1.5-liter engine, whose specs could be similar to the Empow’s with as much as 168 hp and 270 Nm of torque. There is also another variant available for the Emkoo in other markets, but the launch of such will be determined by the success of the model in the country. Sources point to a hybrid-electric system that was co-developed by Toyota, Auto Industriya reports. 

As for the price, we’re assuming that the Emkoo will play around the P1.5-million range, similar to the Geely Azkarra and the Ford Territory, at least for now. For the hybrid model, we’re speculating that it will be priced at over P1.5 million Pesos. 

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