McDo Lucky Drive Promo

Turn your hassle day into a lucky one by dropping off at the McDonald’s drive-thru near you. Lucky Drive-Thru customers within Manila, Cebu, or Davao will be given lucky treats depending on the color of their vehicle. 

As such, if your car happens to be the Lucky Color of the Day, you can get free McDo treats to ease your stress from the heavy traffic.

Moreover, the customer can claim only 1 free item per coupon received, but if you have passengers with you, no need to worry as McDo is generous enough to give up to 4 free products per vehicle (sorry, 7 seaters). Also, you can still order at the drive-thru even after you have received your free product.

With that in mind, take note for the specific time and color assigned per day that will be posted on McDo’s Facebook and Twitter, while the participating branches are listed on their official site

You can claim the Lucky Drive Promo until Friday, November 10, 2017 only.

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