Toyota Raize GR Sport

The Toyota Raize has officially entered the Philippine market coming in with a stellar set of features and a competitive price point. As the new vehicle seeks to change the game, the Japanese automaker has announced something special for it not one week after its official launch. Toyota has officially started selling GR Sport accessories for the crossover.

With the Japanese automaker expecting to sell 1,000 units a month this could come in handy to further entice customers to buy the vehicle. It is important to note that in other countries the Raize with all the GR Sport goodies is an actual variant, but it seems as though Toyota Philippines has gone with a different approach and is instead selling these parts separately from the vehicle. These GR Sport parts include a GR front skirt, GR rear skirt, GR side skirt, GR side visor, and GR stripes. All these parts combined will add a total of around P70,800 to the SRP of whatever variant of the Raize you choose from. It is also important to note that Toyota is also selling more practical accessories for the crossover in case you don’t want the GR Sport goodies.

Here is the full list of GR Sport parts available for the vehicle with its corresponding prices:

2022 Toyota Raize Gazoo Racing Accessories

GR Front Skirt (Part # P5154BZA0Q00) – P 17,800

GR Rear Skirt (Part # P5156BZA0A00) – P 21,500

GR Side Skirt Set (Part # P5158BZA0N00) – P 20,500

GR Side Stripe for Light-Colored Vehicle (Part # P5186BZA0X) – P 4,600

GR Side Stripe for Dark-Colored Vehicle (Part # P5186BZA10) – P 4,600

GR Side Visor (Part # P5162BZA1B) – P 6,400

2022 Toyota Raize Basic and Functional Accessories

Seat Cover Khaki/Black for G & E Grade (Part # 71004YZA09) – P 1,500

Seat Cover Corduroy Black for G & E Grade (Part # 71004YZA10) – P 1,700

Seat Cover Leatherette for G & E Grade (Part # 71004YZA11) – P 10,900

Sunshade (Part # 64350YZA08) – P 1,400

Luggage Tray (Part # 64429YZA19) – P 2,500

Side Visor (Part # P5162BZA1J) – P 5,000

Muffler Cutter Design 1 (Part # PS413BZ001) – P 2,900

Muffler Cutter Design 2 (Part # C408S01100) – P 3,100

RR Bumper Step Guard (Part # 52159YZA15) – P 2,200

Back Camera for E Grade (Part # PC634BZ016) – P 11,500

Premium Horn (Part # PC6A2BZ001) – P 4,900

2022 Toyota Raize Exterior Styling Accessories

Side Under Guard (Part # C412S02000) – P 25,000

Side Molding (Part # C412S02200) – P 11,600

Back Door Chrome (Part # C412S02400) – P 4,200

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