Grand Tour Toyota Prius in US

With only few days before its pilot episode, the Amazon Prime's publicity gimmick for the Grand Tour has left 3 Toyota Priuses as marketing casualties. 

Reported that after a series of countdown, seemingly endless teasers, trailers, and interviews, citizens in London, England and Berlin, Germany were surprised by 2 crashed Priuses with ‘The Grand Touring’ branding stickers. Soon, it was then followed by yet another Prius in the U.S. All 3 cars were presented in a dramatic demonstration, set to promote the show.

In London, the Japanese hybrid appeared to have crashed onto a red post box near the King's Cross station. It came with a caption saying "the only real acceptable use for a Prius" sending a powerful message to, probably, the hybrid technology – or, possibly, to the Prius alone.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, a red Prius was brutally presented with half of its body buried in the ground. The car is surrounded with rock debris which makes it look like it fell from an unforgivable altitude to the concrete ground.

On the other hand, the blue hybrid car, face-planted on a sidewalk of a busy street in United States, imitates the similar but opposite presentation in Berlin.

The Grand Tour will be starred by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May.

Previous interviews and commentaries showed Clarkson's views regarding the Japanese hybrid car. Moreover, the cast of the Grand Tour were not big hybrid car fans in the first place. 

While these could explain why Prius ended up unfortunate in the hands of the show’s marketing team, one instance is also raised in relation – London is overrun with the said car, especially since Uber set foot there.

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