Hyundai's unnamed fuel cell SUV

Hyundai has provided us an early peek to a new-generation fuel cell SUV, which was said to be on its "near-production" stage. The vehicle was showcased at an event that was held in Seoul, and hasn't earned its name yet. 

Bound to be equipped with the 4th-generation fuel cell system, the vehicle boasts complementary futuristic design. This exterior detailing was inherited from the FE concept car we've seen at the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. Of note, it has sharp minimalist headlights, intricately-designed cascading grille, and dynamic character lines all over its body. 

The outside appearance is paired to a neat and simple interior layout that promotes calmness by avoiding clutter inside the cabin. In addition, the unnamed hydrogen-powered SUV has a wide dashboard that features high console that fits the SUV-style driving position. The seat is then wrapped up with a unique combination of woven fabric and suede.

Comparing it from its predecessor ix35, the next-gen fuel cell SUV is given an additional 20% on its maximum output, which now is at 163 hp. Aside from this, the vehicle’s cold start capability has been improved, making it possible to start the car at –30 degrees Celsius.

For fuel efficiency, the new hydrogen model will contain 3 equally-sized hydrogen tanks, unlike the 2 differing tanks on the previous model. This was achieved by a new layering pattern and configuration of plastic liners, reducing the thickness of the tank's walls.

“With exceptional efficiency, serene styling, and uncompromised performance, our next generation fuel cell SUV is the true epitome of an eco-friendly vehicle of the future. Hyundai Motor will take lead in developing and producing green energy vehicles that would ultimately complement a near-zero emission society.”

Hyundai promises to reveal the next-gen hydrogen SUV early next year in Korea, then to the North American and European markets. Moreover, the South Korean automaker aims to expand the availability of its new hydrogen-powered model to countries with growing potential for green vehicles, China being one of them.

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