Hyundai COVID-19 Ready H-100

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) in its bid to provide mobility for all, has just turned over a batch of COVID-19-ready vehicles to address the mobility needs of the Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) need for front liners under the new normal. The first four prototypes of Hyundai’s COVID-ready vehicles will be on loan to the DOTr for three months in the “Libreng Sakay for Frontliners” program. 

The cars in question are based on Hyundai’s H-100 Shuttle, HD36 Shuttle, and Class 2 Modern Jeepney HD50S. The cars have been modified to accommodate passengers with the DOTr’s guidelines for the transport sector under Extreme Enhanced Community Quarantine (EECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ) guidelines for public transportation, which requires social distancing measures be implemented through the use of some clever seating layouts, and standard operating procedures that enhance the convenience of these vehicles even in lieu of the new normal. 

Each vehicle is equipped with individualized seating instead of the standard bench seats that you would normally find in shuttles of this type. Hyundai has also outfitted its vehicles with provisions for sanitizers for passengers to use. Even the floor mats are specially designed to help minimize risk of contraction through public transportation. To top it all off, a cashless or contactless payment system is available either in the front or at the back of the vehicle for units that are meant for commercial use. 

Currently, “Libreng Sakay” has 20 defined routes with designated drop-off and pickup points for medical workers, but Hyundai is planning to join the Hatid Estudyante program. That was launched last May 16, 2020. The program aims to bring home over 9,000 students who were stranded in Metro Manila since the declaration of ECQ. 

The Hyundai vehicles that are part of the program are also properly certified, and Certificates of Compliance (COC) given by the DOTr, have been given to the Class 1 and Class 2 Hyundai H-100 modern jeepneys.  

Since we began our commercial vehicle business in 2016, we strongly supported PUV Modernization. The situation, however, has drastically changed and we have quickly adapted our vehicles in order to keep on serving the public. In just a few weeks since its conceptualization, we were able to manufacture vehicles that are not only safe, efficient, and convenient, but enabled for contact-less transactions.

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