2022 Hyundai Grand Starex Cargo

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc, (HARI) also known as Hyundai Philippines has just added a variant to the Hyundai Grand Starex lineup in the form of a new cargo model. While the exterior of the cargo-oriented van remains the same as its passenger vehicle version there are a few notable differences. The cargo variant still comes with the familiar front fascia, dual sliding doors, and rear barn doors that one would expect from a commercial vehicle. The alloy wheels have also been swapped out in favor of steel wheels and there are now panels where windows would have been at the back of the vehicle.

Hyundai Grand Starex Cargo rear

On the inside, the Hyundai Starex Cargo retains the same layout as its regular counterpart, however, it has been stripped down to carry fewer features. It does get two seats at the front with a divider separating the rear cargo area from the front cabin. 

One major difference between the passenger version and the new cargo variant is that the van is now lower and now comes with a higher payload capacity of 1,224 kg. This makes it ideal for transporting goods over short and long distances. With that said, the cargo model also comes with a 2.5-liter turbo-diesel engine mated to a 6-speed manual that gives it more than enough power to carry its load.

In terms of safety, the van carries basic safety features such as dual front airbags and ABS with not much else. It is important to note that there are three variants of the Grand Starex Cargo available with the range starting at P1,475,000. With that said, it looks like Hyundai Philippines is doubling down on the commercial vehicle segment with its latest entry.

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