hyundai crossover 2020

After revealing a new set of engines with variable valve timing technology, Hyundai seems to be going all out with their crossover lineup. The South Korean marque announces that they are releasing 8 new or ‘re-engineered’ crossovers by 2020 — from smallest ‘A-segment’ to 8-seater midsize ones.

Take note that the new vehicles will be crossovers, which means Hyundai isn’t entering the body-on-frame SUV competition anytime soon. The new crossover lineup is set to hit the US market by the said timeframe; a trend that the Kona subcompact crossover started for them last June.

In case you’re wondering, A-segment crossovers are smaller than the subcompacts (B-segment) like the Hyundai Creta, Ford EcoSport, or the Nissan Juke. Go figure how small those cars will be. But since cute and beefy are the way to go these days, it looks like Hyundai’s sights are all focused on hitting that trend.

Very soon we are going to have the most diverse CUV (crossover utility vehicle) powertrain lineup in the industry. These vehicles will show the engineering prowess of the more than 13,000 engineers Hyundai Motor Company has working on current and future models every single day. Our customers are going to have a lot of great CUV choices in our dealerships.

Hyundai also mentioned that the upcoming crossovers will be available in 4 fuel choices: gasoline, diesel, hydrogen fuel cell, and battery (electric). With this, they will be the first carmaker to offer all these fuel types to their customers.

With these new crossovers hitting US market by 2020, they will more likely go global in succeeding years, considering the thirst for crossovers in the international market — including the Philippines.

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