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Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) has posted a remarkable sales performance increase during the first half of 2016 (H1). From January to June 2016, IPC sold a total of 13,258 units. By comparison, that’s a 30.4% increase over the 10,169 unit sales record during the same period last year.

With IPC’s H1 2016 sales performance, the brand solidifies their position as the 4th biggest player in the local auto industry.

Largely contributing to the brand’s H1 2016 success is their range of trucks and busses. Their Category V trucks, Category IV trucks, and Category III light-duty commercial trucks all had notable sales increase of 833.3%, 16.6%, and 18.8%, respectively. Meanwhile, their Category IV busses posted a 25% sales increase. IPC’s trucks and busses sales record for H1 2016 reached total of 2,703 units sold, which is 36.7% better than the 1,977 units sold in H1 2015.

The brisk movement experienced across Isuzu Philippines Corporation’s model lineup is a manifestation that the company offers consumers some of the most relevant products available locally. With many of Isuzu products geared toward business use, the growth is also an accurate indication of the market’s optimistic view regarding the economy,” said IPC President Hajime Koso.

As for the Isuzu Crosswind AUV, it has now accumulated total sales of 2,361 units, which is a 20.4% increase over the same period last year. Customer demands for the D-MAX pickup were also on high, reaching a total of 1,897 units sold (a 34.3% growth from H1 2015). On the other hand, the mu-X SUV sold a total of 6,297 units in H1 2016, a 30.7% better than last year’s record.

Finally, IPC’s June 2016 sales recorded a total of 2,439 units, a 13% increase vs. June 2015’s 2,159 units. The mu-X is their best-selling vehicle last June with a total of 1,181 units sold. Next are the Crosswind and the D-MAX at 434 and 304 units sold, respectively.

Their Category III trucks, meanwhile, has reached a total of 307 units. This is followed by their Category IV busses with 3 units, Category IV trucks with 140 units, and Category V trucks with 70 units.

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