Isuzu Bahay Alalay

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) signs a partnership with Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC), in celebration of its 26th Inaugural Anniversary. The Bahay Alalay Temporary Accommodation Program was made official on August 7, 2023, at the PCMC Compound in Quezon City. as part of IPC’s 26th year in the Philippines. 

Bahay Alalay will serve as a shelter for the watchers and the recurring outpatient children who need periodic pediatric services. The shelter will be constructed within PCMC’s compound and the facility will have a complete reception area, cafeteria, playroom, sleeping quarters, and areas separate for male and female occupants. 

Isuzu PCMC Agreement Signing

After its completion, IPC will be providing P1,000,000 worth of equipment and furniture to the establishment which will go up to three floors. Isuzu aims to make the building as safe and as comfortable for its occupants as possible. Furthermore, IPC will be adopting the playroom, ensuring that the children will have an area for fun and games during their stay. 

“Every day, PCMC receives hundreds of children from all over the country and providing a proper shelter for recurring patients and their watchers is much a needed facility in the hospital. Isuzu being the ‘Responsible Partner’ cares about the overall well-being and welfare of these children especially those coming from the provinces not having enough money to find a place here in the city,”

Leading the groundbreaking ceremony were PCMC’s Executive Director Dr. Sonia Gonzales and IPC President Tetsuya Fujita, as well as other PCMC Deputy Directors to commemorate the start of the construction. Afterward, both parties signified their partnership through a formal Deed of Donation signing ceremony, Dr. Gonzales and Fujita were joined by Dr. Cecilia Gan, PCMC Deputy Executive Director for Hospital Support Services, and Ms. Imelda Bernas, IPC Asst. Vice President for Administration.

“We are very thankful to Isuzu Philippines for partnering with us in this project. The support will definitely have a big impact in providing a more decent facility for the parents and watchers of our patients,” said Dr. Gonzales.

Isuzu Bahay Alalay Groundbreaking

This partnership will be one of many corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects that are lined up until the end of 2023. As the company moves towards its SDG commitment, IPC is looking at collaborating with different government institutions as well as non-government organizations to support their “Road to Progress” direction by improving company governance while helping society, and also caring for the environment. 

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