Isuzu D-MAX EV

Isuzu has been hard at work researching and developing the future generation of their vehicles. While famed for its powerful diesel engines, the Japanese automaker is looking into the possibilities of harnessing electric power. 

At the 2024 Bangkok International Motor Show (BIMS), Isuzu took the covers off the D-MAX BEV concept, Isuzu’s famed mid-size pickup truck, now with an electric heart. Though it has the word “Concept’ on the name, Isuzu has said that the D-MAX EV will go on sale in Europe by 2025, with the rest of the world following soon after. 

Starting with the looks, the D-MAX EV concept features a sleek, closed-off grille and vibrant blue accents, signaling its departure from its diesel-powered incarnation. Additionally, it has two-tone alloy wheels that not only look rugged but futuristic as well. 

On the topic of power, the D-MAX EV concept is equipped with a 66.9 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which provides energy to two electric motors positioned on both axles giving this electric pickup all-wheel drive. The D-MAX EV’s electric motors produce 174 hp and 325 Nm of torque in total. Though it might not be as powerful as the current 3.0-liter diesel engine which produces 187 hp and 450 Nm of torque, the BEV delivers this power instantaneously and consistently. 

D-Max Facelift

Aside from the D-MAX EV, Isuzu also showcased the updated version of the diesel-powered D-MAX along with the XMAX series of D-MAX variants. Isuzu has breathed new life into its rugged truck by giving it a new digital instrument cluster and a revised exterior.

Notable changes can be seen in the LED headlights and LED daytime running lights, now boasting a more striking presence. Additionally, Isuzu has refined the front bumper for its latest update. Significant updates on the 2024 D-Max encompass more aggressive LED taillights, a fresh rear tailgate, robust-looking 18-inch alloy wheels, and the introduction of a new color called Namibu Orange Mica.

Isuzu XMAX White

Meanwhile, the XMAX series is a more rugged, high-end version of the D-MAX equipped with advanced driver assist features and a radically upgraded exterior. These upgrades include a more robust front bumper that features cuts and angles in every direction, a special set of black alloy wheels, variant exclusive side skirts, red-colored emblems, and sporty decals. 

In terms of the powertrain, the 2024 D-MAX and XMAX series retain the 3.0-liter 4JJ3-TCX turbo-diesel engine as well as the 1.9-liter RZ4E turbo-diesel. Transmission options include a six-speed manual and automatic transmission. Like the current lineup, Isuzu includes rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive options for buyers to choose from.

Isuzu D-MAX EV 1

As mentioned earlier, Isuzu intends to introduce the production version of the D-MAX EV concept initially in Norway by 2025. After that, the D-MAX EV will slowly make its way to other markets such as the UK, Australia, Thailand, and others worldwide. Now that Isuzu has shifted to another gear in its mission to achieve carbon neutrality, we can expect more electric vehicles to come out of the Isuzu workshop soon. Hopefully, the Philippines will get to experience these models soon.

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