Toyota FT-AC concept

Some of us have witnessed a heartbreaking loss of Toyota's retro-inspired FJ Cruiser. If you're thinking about the TJ Cruiser being the successor of the FJ, we already told you, it's a far-fetched thought to assume. 

However, there is still hope as earlier this month, Toyota teased an SUV, dubbed FT-AC concept, that is bound to hit Los Angeles Auto Show. Lo and behold, we can now clearly see its entire form, and we're more than happy to tell you all about it. 

The first thing we've noticed is the 2-tone styling of the exterior. The vehicle features a fortress gray-painted A-pillar up to the rear before the C-pillar. The fascia features a set of slim trapezoidal headlamps, hexagonal grille, huge bumper, and detachable fog lights that can be attached to your mountain bike. We know it's not retro-inspired like the FJ but it definitely catches eyes.

Have we mentioned that it has safari-style cargo roof rack system? The vehicle can haul all types of travel gear, which is great for your wildest adventures. Even more, LED lights on front corners illuminate your trails. There are also infrared cameras on the side mirrors that records every bit of your adventure. A Wi-Fi hotspot then automatically uploads everything to a cloud-based storage accessed via your smart phone.

The FT-AC concept is expected as a gasoline-powered SUV, which has advanced torque-vectoring, all-wheel drive system. To further maximize the grip, the vehicle will have variable terrain-response settings and a 4-wheel lock functionality. This gives the vehicle more throttle response and traction control.

Aside from a gasoline variant, Toyota is planning to offer a hybrid FT-AC. This hybrid engine is promised to blend fuel efficiency and all-wheel drive function without compromising power and response. 

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