toyota safety sense

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is set to roll out its proprietary Toyota Safety Sense (TSS). In addition to the passive safety features, such as impact-absorbing structure, seatbelts, and airbags, TSS incorporates active safety toys. These features deal with factors that may cause accidents and aid the driver in eliminating these factors. Features of the TSS include a pre-collision system, Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Alert, and Automatic High Beam.

Toyota pre-collision system

The pre-collision system uses a variety of sensors to detect if there is a possibility of a collision. In determining if a crash is imminent, the system will act accordingly and will warn the driver with beeps and visual warnings. When the possibility of a collision is higher and the driver applies the brakes, the brake assist system will apply additional pressure to the brakes as needed. When there is an ever greater possibility of collision and the driver does not apply the brakes, the brakes will automatically be applied to prevent the collision from happening.

toyota adaptive cruise control

When this mode is activated via the cruise control function, the vehicle drives at a constant preset speed. The vehicle will adjust within the set cruise speed upon detection of another vehicle in front and will maintain a proper following distance.

Toyota Lane Departure system

The Departure Alert detects driving lanes and alerts the driver when the vehicle departs from its lane. This feature operates at a vehicle speed of more than 50km/h, with a road width of more than approximately three meters.

Toyota Automatic High beam dimmer

The automatic high beam feature will automatically switch to low beams once an oncoming vehicle is detected or when a vehicle is directly detected in front. Then, it will automatically switch back to high beams once the oncoming vehicle passes. It will also return to high beams once the vehicle in front is at a safe following distance from the TSS equipped car. This system allows the TSS equipped vehicle to maintain its vision of the road while not blinding oncoming cars or vehicles directly in front of it. 

These features fall under certain classes, with feature variations available in selected new models and variants globally. Safety is TMP’s number one priority, select TSS features will soon be made available with the all-new Hiace Super Grandia Elite. More Models will also soon carry TSS active safety features that can give Filipino motorists and their families peace of mind. TSS only serves to help support the driver and ultimately the driver is still responsible for the vehicle. 

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