Mazda2 Sunlit Citrus

Mazda has once again, updated its subcompact for 2022. The new model features a few key tweaks that keep the vehicle up to date against the rest of the competition. 

The first key update for the Mazda2 is the slightly revised 1.5-liter SkyActiv engine. Mazda brought up the compression ratio to 14:1 from 12:1 thanks to diagonal vortex combustion. The engine control unit (ECU) was also modified with technology from the SkyActiv-X series of motors from Mazda. This results in a claimed gain in fuel efficiency by 6.8%. Horsepower also gets a considerable bump, from 108 to now 116 hp. You also get a little more torque from 142 Nm to 149 Nm. 

It also gets a special trim called “Sunlit Citrus,” which also includes several interior tweaks like new light-toned upholstery with yellow inserts in the seats, and beige leather all around. Even the keyfob was not exempt from the bright colorway, sporting a yellow cover on Mazda’s new key design. 

The new model is available with the same standard kit you may find in the Philippine-spec model, but Japan gets a special 360-degree camera to enhance visibility around the car. This feature would definitely be of use to the Philippine market, where drivers often find themselves in tight spots. On top of that, the ‘2’ gets Qi wireless charging and wireless Apple CarPlay as options. 

Mazda2 Sunlit Citrus rear

If you happen to like the interior color, fret not because the exterior color of the ‘2’ is available in Platinum Quartz Metallic, a rather new hue to add to the Mazda family of colors. 

All in all, Mazda injected quite a few upgrades over the prior specification of the Mazda2. The enhanced engine is definitely the more exciting development since SkyActvi-X technology still has yet to break into the Philippine market. If Mazda Philippines does end up updating the ‘2’ with this spec, then it might as well be a teaser of the X generation of motos from the Japanese brand. 

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