MG 4 Xpower

Britannica United Motors Inc. has recently announced that MG Greenhills, a major dealership of the MG brand in the metro, is set to undergo a radical transformation. This new wave of change will come as Britannica United Motors Inc. is set to take the reins of MG Greenhills.

According to Britannica United Motors, customers can expect the dealership to elevate its offerings, boost customer interaction, and establish pioneering benchmarks of excellence within the industry.

Speaking of elevating its offerings, MG Greenhills as well as other dealerships under Britannica United Motors welcome another exciting vehicle in the local lineup of MG Motor, the electrifying MG 4 X Power. 

Designed with performance in mind, the MG4 X Power derives its power from a duo of electric motors arranged in an all-wheel drive layout, serving as the cornerstone of its performance prowess. This powertrain delivers an impressive combined system output of 429 hp and a torque figure of 600 Nm.

Complementing its performance, the MG4 X Power boasts a Dynamic Cornering Control System, featuring an electronic locking differential and torque vectoring. This sophisticated system optimizes grip and traction, ensuring utmost control and stability during cornering maneuvers. With this cutting-edge powertrain configuration, the "most powerful production MG ever" can achieve a jaw-dropping acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

Design-wise, the MG 4 Xpower looks are virtually except for the paint, painted brake calipers, polished trim accents, and the exclusive racing green paint. 

MG 4 X Power Rear Quarter

To help keep you on the straight and narrow with all that power, the suspension system of the MG4 X Power has undergone meticulous refinement, involving recalibrated spring and damper tuning, as well as the integration of stiffer anti-roll bars and enhanced steering response. MG has elevated the overall stiffness of the suspension by as much as 25 percent, resulting in a substantial enhancement of the vehicle's handling dynamics.

Excited? With Britannica United Motors now guiding MG Greenhills, expect the MG 4 X Power to make an appearance as well with its coming relaunch. 

If you’re interested in buying an MG car for your next ride, take a look at the MG Car Guide on and start your search today.

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