MG opens Advanced London Design Studio

Located in the heart of the UK, along Marylebone Road, MG expanded its operations with a new Advanced London Design Studio. This is where the brand does most of its magic, it’s basically a creative space where MG’s modern designs are rendered into actual form, and concepts in the future of mobility are explored. Apart from that, this facility also nurtures young design talents.

The design studio benefits from its current location, which is situated in the city, given that this place serves as a natural source of inspiration for designers, therefore allowing them to boost their creative minds as they continuously venture concepts that will soon be showcased in the future.

Apart from its innovative purpose, the Advanced London Design Studio also holds an annual competition that brings together the freshest minds in the European design sector. This shall showcase the skills of the following designers and further flourish the creative energy inside them. Through this program, MG seeks to find the future stars of the design industry, and probably most of them shall be driven by their strong potential, ambition, and dreams, therefore, serving as encouragement to produce the best form of art in MG’s vehicles.

Over the past six years we have formed strong relationships with many pioneering institutions, and the opening of the Advanced London Design Studio will help us further our commitment to growing talent by placing us firmly in the heart of one the globe’s design destinations.

The automotive brand shall continue its hunt for the best creative talent in the design industry. Perhaps, in the near future, MG will be able to produce not only well-engineered vehicles but also more vehicles that please the eyes of many. By the looks of it, the brand shall venture great innovation through its line of current and soon to be designers.

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