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The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI) the distributor of MG Philippines has recently released its fuel economy figures for its MG cars and SUVs in the country as officially approved and recorded by the Automobile Association of the Philippines (AAP). These tests were done to formalize the fuel efficiency ratings of all the brand’s vehicles available in the country. 

With this data, the automaker seeks to provide Filipino car buyers with unbiased and impartial data on a very important feature for cars nowadays. This AAP fuel eco run validates yet another winning asset of MG cars and SUVs—apart from their modern style, advanced tech features, rich British heritage, and attainable price points—that makes them even more desirable for the discerning customer. The following list enumerates the vehicles fielded by MG Philippines during this AAP-sanctioned fuel eco run, and their corresponding fuel mileage ratings:

  • MG 5 Alpha - 20.20 km/L
  • MG ZS  Alpha - 19.95 km/L
  • MG ZST Trophy - 19.70 km/L
  • MG HS Trophy - 17.31 km/L

Out of the brand’s available models in the Philippines, the MG 5 was able to score the highest fuel economy rating. This adds another great mark on the nameplate, especially for those looking to get a sedan that comes with a great value for money proposition. 

Our effort to formalize and document the fuel economy figures of our MG vehicles aims to strengthen the already high, inherent value for money offered by our numerous product offerings here at MG Philippines

He continues by stating that “Our MG cars and SUVs feature top-notch tech and safety features, space, comfort, and easy drivability, and are given support by innovative aftersales services from our dealership network, of which we have 42 dealers nationwide. We at MG Philippines are proud to offer vehicles that can be considered ‘responsible purchases’ because of their high value for money proposition; and now, with their impressive fuel efficiency ratings confirmed by the AAP, we can add yet another aspect that makes a responsible purchase out of these modern, global MG cars and SUVs.”

If you want to learn more about the vehicles MG Philippines sells then we highly recommend visiting our website for the latest news and information as well as for the best deals and discounts the automaker has to offer. 

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