MG Philippines All Year Greatness Promo

The Covenant Car Company, Inc. (TCCCI), the sole distributor of MG cars in the Philippines, is launching the All-Year Greatness Promo to end 2019. All MG models will be up for grabs at even more attractive prices, with favorable rates and downpayment promos for a brand-new MG.

MG’s cars have long been a good value proposition to consumers, thanks in part to the affordable price tag and premium features. The brand’s rise can also be attributed to the attractive styling that MG employs all throughout its lineup. Now the entire range is easier to attain thanks to favorable downpayment rates and cash discounts. 

For the MG 5 subcompact, cash discounts ranging from P35,000 to P70,000 can be seen across the board. Low downpayments can also be had for as low as P23,000. 

The MG 6 compact sedan is also available with substantial discounts of up to P60,000, while a downpayment rate of P88,000 is available for the top of the line Trophy trim. 

The ever-popular MG ZS subcompact comes with a cash discount of up to P80,000, while its downpayment scheme can start at as low as P18,000; not surprising since it is the most popular MG model in the lineup. 

If bigger is what’s better for you, the RX5 also comes with a discount of up to P80,000 or a downpayment of as low as P28,000 for all automatic transmission variants. 

All models come with a 5-year or 100,000-km warranty from MG Philippines with a free 1-year periodic maintenance service. All the deals can be had at any MG dealership across the country. 

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