Hyundai Commercial Trucks and Buses Line Up

Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines, has announced their latest product expansion. In an effort to reach out to more Filipino entrepreneurs, they’re now rolling out an extensive line of trucks and busses for light and heavy commercial use.

These include the H350 multipurpose van, County bus, HD series light- to medium-duty trucks, and HD270 heavy-duty dump truck.



Whether for transporting people or cargo, the Hyundai H350 van can do it all. It comes in a variety of body styles to suit different business needs. HARI boasts of its outstanding exterior looks and spacious interior. Inside, the H350 offers Hyundai’s man-machine design principle which emphasizes greater comfort, ergonomics, and space.



The Hyundai County bus presents a commanding exterior design with its well-rounded edges and fixed-type panoramic windows that give it a cleaner look. Inside the County is a high ceiling which does not compromise the passengers’ headroom. Similarly, its wide cabin allows greater space for moving across the aisle.


HD Light- to Medium-Duty Series

These Hyundai HD series trucks are specially-designed for light to medium business use. It comes in 3 variants: the HD65, HD72, HD78. Each offer commendable style, comfort. and dependability for the long haul.


HD270 Heavy-Duty Dump Truck

Lastly is the biggest model in HARI’s business range is the Hyundai HD270 Dump Truck. It’s big, strong, and is capable of hauling large amounts of cargo like gravel, sand, and refuse.

Despite being a heavy-duty truck, the H270 still carries comfort and safety features. These include beefed up brakes and a sleeper type cabin complete with accessories and storage compartments for comfort during long trips. The H270 also has a reinforced body and frame that can take a beating no matter the road or driving condition.


For more informations about Hyundai models, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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