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In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of the automobile, automakers are constantly researching and implementing new ways to limit their emissions. These methods are not only restricted to reducing a car’s carbon emissions during operation, brands are also looking into ways to reduce emissions while they are building them.

Nissan, apart from introducing electric vehicles in its lineup is also aiming to reduce emissions in the building stage of its vehicles. The brand’s goal is to achieve carbon neutrality in the vehicle’s entire lifecycle. According to a recent press release, Nissan announced that it will begin using low-carbon-emission aluminum parts in both new and existing models starting in 2024.

The company will employ green aluminum, processed using electricity from non-fossil fuel sources, to reduce carbon emissions during production by at least 50 percent. Additionally, incorporating recycled aluminum can further cut carbon emissions by approximately 95 percent.

Nissan has been sourcing low CO2 emission aluminum sheets for vehicle panels produced in Japan from Kobe Steel, Ltd. and UACJ Corporation. Moving forward, Nissan will expand the use of low CO2 emission aluminum to all aluminum parts, including processed components, worldwide, to further reduce CO2 emissions.

It can be easy to overlook just how much aluminum goes into our vehicles. For some models like the new Nissan Z, nearly the entirety of its bodywork, as well as its chassis, is made out of aluminum. Beneath the surface, our cars’ engines, transmissions, and suspension systems all make heavy use of this lightweight and durable alloy. 

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Even further beyond, starting from the fiscal year 2027, Nissan states that all new Nissan models will feature low CO2 emission aluminum. For existing models, Nissan plans to begin purchasing components like wheels, chassis parts, axle parts, and harness wires made from green aluminum in Japan, the United States, and Europe this fiscal year. Nissan adds that at the end of fiscal year 2024, approximately 20 percent of the newly mined aluminum used for car parts in these markets is expected to be replaced with green or recycled aluminum.

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