Car windows as mirrors

Have you ever found yourself fighting the urge to use a car window as mirror because you're not sure if there are people inside? Or, have you ever done it successfully and walked away like nothing happened? Well, you're quite lucky as the people you'll see in this article didn't. 

Car window tints are used to block ample amount of sunlight and stop the heat from penetrating the cabin. It is also considered a piece of privacy tool as people from outside won't be able to see what's inside the car. Now, the second statement poses a serious problem, not only to the government, but to people who have no time to buy their own vanity mirrors. Here, watch these.

This Vietnamese girl was having the time of her life as she found herself saved from the expenses of going for a chest implant. She managed to make them look bigger, we'll give that to her. However, she needed to pick her nose the last minute and that's when things started to turn for her. People say it's fake but it's a clear perfect lesson for future chest-conscious bypassers.

We often see people putting on their make-up on the road, especially early in the morning, during rush hour. They have these little kits for their morning beauty routine at their own convenience. Unlike those we see, this young lady you'll about to see tried putting on some lipstick in front of an unseen crowd. Now, her face is stuck on the internet.

Our moral lesson, spend a few minutes to go to a convenience store and buy yourself a vanity mirror. At least, wait till you get to a restroom to do whatever you need to do. Never use a stranger's car window as mirror; save yourself from embarrassment.

Source: YouTube

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